Amanda Lauren David

Amanda Lauren David

Contributor | Freelance Health Writer

Experties:  Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Supplements Reviews

Education:  Harvard University


  • Over 10 years of freelance writing experience
  • Member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Asian American Journalists Association
  • Nationally recognized health and fitness writer regularly featured in major media outlets


Amanda Lauren is a dynamic freelance writer specializing in the realms of health and fitness. With a fervent dedication to promoting holistic well-being, she leverages her expertise to inspire readers on their journeys to optimal health. Amanda’s articles are a fusion of evidence-based research and practical advice, offering actionable insights for individuals seeking to transform their lifestyles.

Her passion for wellness is palpable, driving her to explore diverse topics within the health and fitness landscape. From nutrition trends to cutting-edge workouts, Amanda navigates the ever-evolving industry with finesse, delivering content that empowers her audience.

Amanda’s work has graced the pages of reputable publications, earning her a reputation as a trusted authority in the field. Her ability to distill complex health information into accessible, engaging prose sets her apart.

Through her writing, Amanda strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of her readers, motivating them to pursue their wellness goals with confidence and determination.

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Amanda Lauren is an award-winning health writer and editor whose work has been featured in NYTimes, EatingWell, Health, Shape, Prevention, and more.


Amenda attended Harvard University in Cambridge where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature.

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