Judine Gerard, CPT

Judine Gerard, CPT, Athlete

Review Borad Member | Certified Trainer, Fitness Model

Experties: Strength & Conditioning, Metabolic Conditioning, Weight Training, Competitive Fitness

Education:  Columbia University, New York University, New York


  • World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) professional fitness athlete,
  • Model, fitness coach/consultant, social media fitness personality
  • Over 20 years of experience of training people
  • Nationally recognized fitness expert regularly featured in major media outlets

“Within every heartbeat, lies the symphony of our potential. I believe in sculpting not just bodies, but spirits too. Embrace the journey, for it’s about discovering the extraordinary within. You are the architect of your own masterpiece, and the canvas is limitless. Rise, shine, and let your light illuminate the path to greatness.”

Judine Gerard, Fitness Professional and Inspirational Figure


Judine Gerard is a powerhouse in the fitness world, holding an impressive array of certifications. As an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, she brings a dynamic and motivational approach to group exercise. Her expertise extends to the competitive arena, where she shines as a WNBF (World Natural Body Building) Professional and a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Professional Fitness Athlete.

Judine’s dedication to fitness is further demonstrated by her International Fitness Association (IFA) certifications as an Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer, showcasing her versatility and ability to cater to diverse fitness needs. With a passion for sculpting both bodies and minds, Judine empowers her clients to exceed their own expectations.

Beyond certifications, Judine is a beacon of inspiration, embodying the principles of natural, holistic fitness. Whether on stage or in the gym, her energy is infectious, creating an environment where individuals are motivated to push boundaries and achieve their personal best.

When not sculpting bodies, Judine can be found exploring new wellness techniques and sharing her knowledge with the community.

Featured On

Judine’s work has been featured on WomenHealthMag, LiveStrong, Shape, StrongFitnessMag, RunersWorld, VeryWellFit, Health, TheGoodBody and many other media outlets.


  • Columbia University, New York, NY  2007-2009
  • Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 2009-2012, B.A. 
  • New York University, Steinhardt’s Nutrition and Dietetics Program, 2014, M.S.

Fitness Credentials:

  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • WNBF (World Natural Body Building) Professional
  • World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Professional Fitness Athlete
  • International Fitness Association (IFA) Certified Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer

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