Muhammad Muaz Sheikh

Muhammad Muaz

Contributor | Expert Copywriter

Experties:  Storytelling, Copywriting

Education:  University of Central Punjab


  • Over 5 years of experience in mass and media communication industry
  • Certified copywriter and experienced storyteller
  • Regularly featured in various media outlets

“Storytelling isn’t just about weaving words; it’s the art of crafting connections, shaping perceptions, and imprinting emotions. In communication, it’s the difference between being heard and being truly understood.”

Muaz Sheikh, Storyteller


Muhammad Muaz is a seasoned professional in the realm of media and communication, boasting a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with a specialization in PR and Media Advertisement. With an innate understanding of effective communication strategies, Muaz has honed his expertise through extensive experience in various media houses, serving in key editorial roles.

His journey in the field of media has equipped him with a profound understanding of storytelling, content creation, and the intricate dynamics of public relations and media advertising. Muaz’s dedication to crafting compelling narratives and his keen eye for detail have contributed significantly to his success as an editor.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Muhammed Muaz is passionate about the power of communication in shaping narratives, sparking conversations, and fostering connections in today’s diverse media landscape.

His commitment to excellence and his proactive approach to media communication continue to drive his contributions to the ever-evolving field of mass communication.


He received his B.S. in Media and Mass Communication with specialization in ‘Public Relations & Advertisment’ from the University of Central Punjab.

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