Sometimes it’s good to let emotions dictate your actions.

As guys, we’re told to be cool let logic guide what we do. Nine times out of ten, that’s good advice until you’re stuck for gym motivation and you have no reason to get off your butt and hit the weights.

8 Gym Motivation Tips

Your emotions are exceptionally good at putting you in your place and challenging you. We’re told it’s terrible to compare yourself to other guys. That’s good advice until you consider much of your health and looks are within your control. The makers of TestRX believe we all need a little gym motivation from time to time. And with that in mind, here are eight slightly shallow but beneficial gym motivation tips to cowboy the heck up and push some iron.

#1. Swimsuit Season

Don’t be the Michelin man in a Speedo. You want to turn heads by the pool for the right reasons. Not for your gut, tiny arms, hairy back, and out-of-shape visage.

#2. Surprise the Doubters

Here’s another reason to swap your PJs for your gym shorts on a lazy Saturday. Some guys expect you to quit. So prove them wrong, tell them you’re starting a new training program. Then, silence the doubters and see it through.

#3. Some Guys Think They’re Better Than You

Generally speaking, this is a dangerous game. You want to be the best version of YOU and not let some egotistical schmuck influence your life. Still, your body is mostly within your control, so even if you’ve got a gut or you’re on the smaller side, hit the gym hard with TestRX and turn the tables on them!

#4. Be Strong

It’s cool to be a guy. It’s cooler to be a muscular guy who can swing an axe and be surprisingly strong’. There are no shortcuts here, son. Get your butt in the gym and lift away.

#5. Feel Good!

When you look good, a funny thing happens: you feel good too (shocker, huh?). You’ll get a natural high by smashing through barriers, and you’ll have more confidence in other areas of your life.

#6. Think of Your High School Reunion

Funny how so many guys look older, just ten years out of high school. You know the guy; he’s got a gut, and his face looks lethargic. While you can’t control hair loss, you CAN do your part by not being the guy who lets himself go. Surprise people, and enjoy those comments about how good you look.

#7. Succeed in Life

Looks, count. It’s sad but true, and like hair loss, you can’t control the genetic cards you’re dealt, but your waist, arms, chest, and most of your body can all be improved. Studies show fit guys tend to get more promotions. Hashtag gym motivation (#gymmotivation!) to be healthy and take charge.

#8. The Gym is Fun!

Well, OK, not always, but you can at least make it more enjoyable with a new workout playlist on your iPod. Let loose a little and load up some new tracks that will get you hot and bothered. Another secret; starting over is strict, but lifting heavy can be addictive, and the feeling makes it so worthwhile!

WOMEN, Let’s not BS here. You’re in the gym because of the ladies, correct? That alone is gym motivation. Girls love muscle; it’s that simple, and even if you’re happily married, your significant other will notice your fit body after going hard on the plates. So get brave and deal with it. Boost your testosterone with a TestRX natural bodybuilding supplement, and get bigger guns, a broader chest, stand a little taller, and be the alpha male nature wants you to be!

How TestRX Can Help Your Gym Motivation for Weightlifting

Let me know if this sounds familiar. You’ve hit the gym hard for months, and the gains are slower. You’re bummed because you’re barely maintaining the muscle you have. You’ve got less motivation to hit the weights as a result, and you really, genuinely don’t want to be in the gym at the moment.

Can you relate?

You’ve hit your plateau. This happens to the best of us when we’re weightlifting, and it can affect your confidence in the gym. Is there a solution? Here’s an idea take a step back, make a new iPod workout list and try TestRX weightlifting supplement, which boosts testosterone and can help get you back on track.

Weightlifting and Protein Synthesis

Protein is the building block of muscle. Sound familiar? Well, it’s correct muscles occur when your body repairs the microtears in muscular tissue after weightlifting (or resistance training in general). Your body adds extra tissue as a response to help you adapt to the more significant workload.

Protein fuels this process, and testosterone makes the protein in a protein synthesis process, making that protein usable by the body. If you want to get technical, testosterone binds to androgen receptors in muscle cells, stimulating protein synthesis and giving you bigger pipes.

Most guys tend to lose about 1% of their natural testosterone levels each year after 30, though it can often be more than that. And that’s where TestRX comes into play. It stimulates natural testosterone naturally and can help you get the body you want without needles or synthetic hormones.

How Does TestRX Help ME?

If you’re plateauing, TestRX can give you more testosterone. It’s essential to vary your program though you should take at least a week off and tweak your routine a little (TestRX has a useful resource on its site on how to break through plateaus; be sure to check it out).

If you’re not plateauing, you will find it at some point. TestRX can help you regardless because it’s a natural weightlifting supplement that stimulates natural testosterone, supports protein synthesis, and aids with faster recovery, bigger muscles, and various benefits that help in the weight room. Stuff like:

More Energy: More testosterone means more energy.

Weight Loss: Muscles help your body burn fat quicker, and testosterone loss is a significant reason guys get flabby in the first place!

Better Athletic Performance: TestRX has several ingredients shown in clinical studies to increase athletic performance even under extreme stress.

Muscle Oxygenation: The ingredients in the TestRX bodybuilding supplement have been shown to help deliver oxygen to the muscles.

Faster Recovery: You’ll most likely recover from your workouts faster with TestRX, which should give you bigger muscles as a result.

Bigger Muscles: All this helps you get bigger guns. Imagine being able to turn heads for all the right reasons when you take off your shirt. Guys would envy you and women; well, let’s say attracting women is one of the reasons TestRX makes such brisk sales in the first place.

Bonus: More Sex

Guys buy TestRX weightlifting supplements because it helps them blast through barriers in the gym, have better athletic performance, get bigger muscles and achieve the body they want.

But there’s a delightful bonus that comes with TestRX; you may find you get more sex because of it.

How’s this? Several of the ingredients in TestRX have been shown to increase male virility. This makes sense; testosterone is a sex hormone, and indeed it’s what fuels your desire to hit the sheets. Studies on the ingredients in this high-impact formula show it does just that.

Bigger muscles AND more sex. There is nothing wrong with that!

Think about this as well; muscles on a guy are like breasts on a woman. We can’t take our eyes off of them (don’t lie, you know what you’re looking at when a woman wears a low-cut dress!). Now imagine flipping the scenario, so you show off your bigger muscles with TestRX at the beach, out in public, or the privacy of your bedroom.

Let’s say you’ll be handsomely rewarded with TestRX, with bigger muscles, more sex appeal, and the gratifying ability to back them up!

TestRX’s All-New Muscle-Building Formula

If you’ve heard of TestRX, you know what it does. TestRX is a natural testosterone booster. As that description implies, it’s designed to boost testosterone without needles and help guys feel like they’re in their 20s, with more energy, less fat storage, more muscle, and a higher sex drive.

Yet a funny thing happened with TestRX. A lot of guys bought the popular low T booster specifically to get bigger muscles. And why not? Testosterone encourages protein synthesis and fuels muscle growth. Yet it’s natural, and that gives men an option to get bigger muscles without steroids.

So TestRX did something that guys are now applauding; TestRX is now a bodybuilding supplement, with an all-new testosterone boosting formula that gives men more energy, faster recovery, and bigger muscles result.

And don’t tell everyone, but it may also increase your sex drive and stamina. The new TestRX formula is the following:


Fenugreek may help you lose weight. A 2010 study found this popular herb from India and the Arabic region helped 30 guys lose fat and boost testosterone. That testosterone had high bioavailability too, which means the body can use it more efficiently.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is linked to 25% higher testosterone. Yes, it’s the sunshine vitamin and assists with better calcium absorption. Still, this fat-soluble vitamin is also a testosterone booster, as evidenced by a 2011 study that found it increased this muscle-building hormone in 165 non-diabetic volunteers.

Vitamin K2

Call Vitamin K2 your testosterone preserver. A study conducted in 2011 found this group of compounds helped boost testosterone in the testes. It may also reduce bone loss and appears to have cardiovascular benefits as well.

Vitamin B6

One of the B vitamins, Vitamin B6 is responsible for various health functions in the body. A 1984 study suggests it influences testosterone and other steroid hormones, possibly by recycling receptors from the nucleus to cytosol after initial translocation.


Magnesium may be the ultimate energy drink. It’s the second most common electrolyte in the body and helps deliver oxygen to your muscles. This is strengthened by a 1998 study that found this essential dietary mineral ‘substantially’ reduced time for extreme athletes to finish triathlon-like training.

Magnesium appears to alter how the body uses glucose when exposed to extreme physical stress, so athletes have better performance when things get real. Additionally, it’s linked to increased strength as well.


You know zinc as an aphrodisiac, and indeed, this is what helps make TestRX a virility booster. But zinc is poetry for your testosterone too, according to a 2006 study which found this essential micronutrient helped wrestlers get their T back after exhaustion. More enjoyable, a 1981 research shows zinc makes guys more, uh, ‘randy’ and ‘capable’ in the bedroom.

D-Aspartic Acid

You have no idea the power of D-Aspartic Acid. This amino acid boosts testosterone and then some, according to a 2009 study, which found D-AA increased testosterone, HGH, and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). That translates to fun in bed, according to another study in 2012, which found D-AA boosted testosterone in guys between 30% and 60%.

Virility increased as well in that study, in case you were wondering.

In short, the TestRX bodybuilding supplement is made with high-octane natural ingredients that boost testosterone and increase muscle growth, boost strength, help guys lose weight, and recover faster. Consider it your legal edge for testosterone in the gym. Along with gym motivation, TestRX can give you sex and muscles; if you’re brave enough to claim that edge, step up and order TestRX now.