Losing weight and to be able to fit into stylish clothes is every girl’s dream, nonetheless when it comes to Hollywood stars, the dreams need to come to reality due to the highly competitive environment.

Why should we, as fans simply watch our favorite actress’s movies and envy their perfect figures when we can learn about their fitness strategies and incorporate them in our routinely lives? Yes! We can become just like them. Whether you hold Jennifer Lawrence as your idol or Khloe Kardashian as your icon, you can follow their fitness plans, learn from their weight loss tips and become photo ready in just a few months!

Read on to know about the best fitness tricks, straight from Hollywood.

Khloe Kardashian: Artificial Sugar are not for us!

All products labeled with ‘artificial sweeteners’ are the true reason standing between the slim you and you in present. Ask anyone and they will reveal to you that artificial sugars are worse than real sugar as they are not only 50 times sweeter, but have higher addictive factors.

Moreover, these sugars disrupt the neurological pathways and mess up with our metabolism. Khloe Kardashian’s tip is to stay away from canned sodas and packed sweets and toffees. However, if you still crave for something sweet, opt for fruits with natural sugar.

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Rihanna: Workout no matter what!

We all love the sleek and sexy body Rihanna flaunts on the stage on her concerts and how can we forget about her amazing music videos. The reason for her success lies in her fitness training which she dwells in at least 3 times a week with her trainer.

She indulges in cardio and strength circuits which are mainly an amalgamation of skate lunges, Russian trunk twists and triceps exercises using dumbbells.

Kerry Washington: There is no such thing as ‘Low Fat’

We often fall prey to the tasty food items nicely placed on the grocery aisles and we are forced to purchase them, even when we are dieting because they are labeled with ‘low fat’. When it comes to staying fit, even the low fat choices can be the cause of that bulging tummy.

Kerry Washington and her trainer Kimberly second each other on the statement that low fat products also need replacement flavors and it is often taken from either sugar or sodium. While sodium aids in bloating and retaining water, sugar promotes sugary craving and lets the body fat stay intact.

Alicia Keys: Punch it up!

Alicia Keys finds her peace as well as her fitness routine through kick boxing.

She says that not only does kick boxing help relieve stress and body tension but when she pairs it with her favorite tunes, she feels peaceful while she tones her whole body.

She often does front kicks, cross body punches and other kick boxing moves.

Britney Spears: Ball Games

Britney Spears has had her fair share of fluctuating weight but whenever she has gotten slim, she has not only turned heads but has gained an even larger fan base!

Britney Spears works with different sized balls during exercises so that she lays her focus on the ball to overcome fatigue. She uses balls for pushups, side shuffles and other exercises that help tone the body.

Greta Garbo: Meal plans

Greta Garbo reveals that meal plans play a vital role in shaping one’s whole image. We often hear the statement ‘we are what we eat’, and this is what Greta Garbo stands by too.

The vegetarian revealed that she did not swear not to eat all kinds of food items but she usually ate less during breakfast as well as at lunch.

Elizabeth Taylor: Do what you have to

Elizabeth Taylor revealed that back in her day there were less to no exercise plans and fitness instructions compared to what we do in today’s time. Nonetheless, she did what she had to do to stay fit for her fans, the industry and her work.

She often opted for swimming, horseback rides as well as walking on the streets.
She said that staying fit has no true definition as long as you move around and stick to doing so until you find results.

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