Sweet Robust Cornmeal

Colorful cornmeal has a sweet yet robust flavor, making it a great ingredient for many dishes.

Cornmeal comes in two types, either ground from yellow corn or from white.

Two Types of Sweet Robust Cornmeal

The two types are virtually alike, except that yellow cornmeal contains more vitamin A. Cornmeal is an “enriched” product.

  • Water-ground (stone-ground) cornmeal still contains the fat-rich germ of the corn kernel and has a fuller flavor than degerminated cornmeal. When buying, avoid packages with a rancid, stale odor.
  • Blue cornmeal, from New Mexico, has a bluish-gray tint and a stronger, toastier flavor. It is often used for tortillas and tamales.
  • Corn grits are also available in white or yellow. Grits are more coarsley ground than cornmeal.

On its own, cornmeal is relatively low in fat (about 2 to 3 grams per 100 grams of cornmeal). And, since most cornmeal has been enriched with B complex vitamins, cornmeal is also a great source of energy.

Keep in mind, however, that a little cornmeal goes a long way: 1 cup of dry cornmeal yields 4 cups cooked.

Although cornmeal is widely available in steel-ground varieties at the grocery store, connoisseurs recommend the stone ground cornmeal that is available in many natural food stores or online. Slightly more perishable, it is said to be well worthwhile for its added flavor and nutrients.

Storing Cornmeal

Store cornmeal in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. Most cornmeal will keep this way for up to one year.

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