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The Burger King Chicken Sandwich contains approximately 42 grams of fat. This is the equivalent to a pint and a half of ice cream.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 46 million people are served at fast food restaurants every day in the U.S.

When eating in a fast food restaurant, try to order wisely. You can cut your fat and salt intake by 10 to 40 percent if you order smart. Hold the special sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup (high sodium), meat pizza toppings, pickles and cheeses.

Pizza parlors are the number one fast food outlet in the United States. There are over 44,000 in operation compared to 35,000 burger stands and a total of 140,000 fast food outlets nationwide.

Fast Food Facts

The most popular pizza topping is pepperoni. However, if you order extra cheese you will add more fat than the pepperoni supplies.

In Japan the favorite pizza toppings are tuna and scallops.

If you add one packet of ranch dressing to a McDonald Chef Salad, it will have more fat than a Big Mac.

When ordering pizza, make sure you ask for white cheese only to reduce the total fat.

Nine out of ten people consume donuts on a regular basis. Americans eat 10 billion donuts annually.

The quality of a pizza may depend on the type of flour used to make the crust. It may or may not contain enriched flour.

Fast food restaurants now have over 45 percent of the dining-out market.

The McLean Burger has 90 percent fewer calories and 50 percent less fat than a Quarter Pounder.

200 hamburgers are ordered every second, 24 hours a day.

Arby’s roast beef is not real roast beef; it is a processed beef with added salt, water and sodium phosphates. However, it is lower in cholesterol and fat than the real roast beef.

Arby’s spread used on their buns is made from a soy product that contains a number of artificial flavors and colors.

There is more sodium in a thick shake than in an order of French fries, due to the additives.

The chocolate coating on soft ice creams is a blend of oils that have a low melting point. It is a high fat treat.

Chicken coatings contain a higher fat content than most hamburgers.

The pure vegetable oils used by many fast food restaurants for frying may contain high levels of coconut and palm oils. Both are very high in saturated fat.

When fish is coated and fried it ends up 50 percent fat in most cases, equal or higher in fat than some burgers.

Baked fish is available at Long John Silver; a reduction of over 200 calories over fried fish. Even the sodium content is in an acceptable range of 361mg instead of the usual 1200mg.

A shrimp salad at Jack In The Box has only 115 calories and less than 8 percent fat, providing you use light dressing.

Multi-grain buns are showing up everywhere and are an excellent source of fiber.

When fast food restaurants advertise 100 percent pure beef and you find a large assortment of gristle material in your burger, you might ask them what grade of beef they are using, or what percentage of edible offal they allow in the beef. Technically, it is all 100 percent beef, so this statement can be misleading.

Roy Rogers uses MSG as a flavor enhancer in their chicken and roast beef seasonings.

Salads and salad bars are found now more than ever at fast food restaurants.

Carl’s Jr. has a BBQ Chicken Sandwich that has been approved by the American Heart Association.

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