Natural Source of Caffeine

Kola nuts are an herb that grows throughout Africa, Jamaica and Brazil. Native peoples of West Africa chew the nut for its stimulant effects.

Numerous Uses as a Digestive Supplement

Kola nuts are common ingredients in soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and candies. The kola nut also has numerous uses as a digestive supplement and herbal medicine and is effective at suppressing hunger, working as a diuretic, or treating depression, childhood asthma and headaches. Kola nuts are also believed to stimulate mental focus and have shown signs of being effective as an aphrodisiac. Kola nuts can be taken on their own or consumed in liquid or powder form.

Kola nuts are high in antioxidants and can increase oxygen delivery throughout the body as well as improve energy and focus. Tinctures tend to be more easily digested than fresh or dried herbs, and they are easier to mix into teas or other fluids as opposed to chewing raw forms of the herb or taking them in capsule forms.

Suggested Use: Boil 1 or 2 teaspoons kola nut in 8 oz. water. Strain and let cool, then drink. Do this three times daily. Kola can also be incorporated into your diet between meals as a weight-loss supplement, since kola is known to suppress hunger while also aiding in digestion and acting as a diuretic.

Did You Know?

Pepsi Cola began as a health and energy drink at a pharmacist’s soda fountain. The ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, herbal oils, pepsin and kola nuts.

Cautions for Kola Nuts

Talk to your doctor before taking kola nut if you are pregnant or nursing, diabetic, an insomniac or someone with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart conditions or other digestive disorders. Avoid caffeinated products when taking kola nut.

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