Water Breeds Wellness

Sparkling Water

Carbonated water obtained either through natural underground springs or made by dissolving CO2 gas in water. Carbonation lasts longer in naturally carbonated waters.

Mineral Water

Contains dissolved minerals. Various brands will contain different levels of minerals. Some mineral waters are made from tap water, then minerals are added or removed as desired.

Club Soda

Usually tap water that has been filtered and carbonated. Minerals and mineral salts are added. Club soda will also take tomato juice stains out of your carpet.


Usually tap water filtered and carbonated. No mineral or mineral salts are added.

Soft Water:

Low mineral content water. Usually comes from deep in the earth with its principal mineral being sodium. Will dissolve soap better and will not leave a ring around the bathtub. Will dissolve minerals such as lead from pipes.

Hard Water

High mineral content water. Usually comes from shallow ground that has high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Hard water leaves rock-like crystals.

Spring Water:

Water without gas bubbles, usually tap water or natural spring water. Bottled bulk water falls into this category. When purchasing bottled water, try buying it in glass bottles labeled natural.

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