Vitamin Ventures

Vitamin A:  Mineral oil, air pollution, antacids, barbiturates, cholesterol lowering drugs.

Vitamin D:  Anti-convulsive drugs, mineral oil, antacids, sedatives, barbiturates, cortisone.

Thiamin B1:  Antibiotics, excess heat/cooking, sugar consumption, alcohol, stress, antacids, coffee, raw shellfish.

Riboflavin B2:  Antibiotics, exposure to light, excess heat, alcohol, oral contraceptives, antacids, diuretics.

Niacin:  Antibiotics, sugar consumption, excess heat, alcohol, reduced during illness, diuretics, penicillin.

Pantothenic Acid B5:  Aspirin, methyl bromide.

Pyridoxine:  Aging (after 50), steroid hormones, B6 high blood pressure drugs, excess heat, food processing, antacids, aspirin, cortisone, diuretics, penicillin.

Folic Acid:  Oral contraceptives, stress, anti-convulsants, vitamin C deficiency, barbiturates, diuretics, antibiotics, antacids.

Vitamin B12:  Stress, oral contraceptives, menstruation, colchicine.

Biotin:  Excess heat, antibiotics, sulfa drugs, avidin (in raw egg whites).

Choline:  Sugar consumption, alcohol.

Vitamin C:  Smoking, stress, aspirin, carbon monoxide, alcohol, corticosteroids, diuretics, antihistamines.

Inositol:  Antibiotics.

Vitamin E:  Oral contraceptives, food processing, rancid fats and oils, chlorine.

Vitamin K:  Antibiotics, mineral oil, radiation, anticoagulants, alcohol, phenobarb, sulfonamides, tetracyclines.

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