Tabebuia spp.; Pau d’ Arco

Also known as Pau d’ arco.

There are dozens of different species of Taheebo, each is distinguished by its leaf configuration and flower color. The species that provide the most health benefits is Tabebuia heptophylla, a pink flowered tree, which grows mainly in Argentina.

Western herbal medicine uses the dried root in whole, cut or powdered form. Fresh root seems to be fairly “tannic” for palatable consumption.

Taheebo is found in rain forests in South America.

Taheebo as an Herb for Medicinal Uses

taheeboTaheebo is a powerful herb with antibiotic and virus-killing properties. Since it is an expectorant, it is an excellent product to treat colds and smoker’s cough – plus, it is the perfect remedy for the flu season.

Taheebo can improve appetite and assist in the detoxification process. Many people say they have avoided common colds, flu, and stomach bugs while actively taking Taheebo.

It is also reported to help in AIDS/HIV cases.

Culinary Uses of Taheebo

When added to other teas, especially during the summertime when the days are warmest, Taheebo’s anti-fungal properties help to prevent them from spoiling.

Taheebo Tea

  • Analgesic to eliminate pain.
  • Antioxidant to promote production of healthy cells.
  • Decongestant to clear air passage of the lungs.
  • Hypothensive to maintain the natural equilibrium of blood and prevents the rise of cholesterol.


There are no reported serious side effects when taking natural Taheebo herbs.

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