Cordyceps Tonic

For thousands of years, Cordyceps has been highly valued in China as a tonic food and herbal medicine. Until recently, it was only available in nature as it grows in the body of a caterpillar. Thus, the fungus was rare, very expensive, and subject to contamination.

Today, a potent strain of Cordyceps, CS-4, is grown in a liquid broth medium under sterile conditions, making it safe, affordable, and available for use as nutritional therapy for many conditions.

Cordyceps is a peculiar Chinese fungus with a long history of use treating exhaustion, rundown conditions, weakness, poor sexual appetite and aging. Research suggests that cordyceps has antioxidant properties and increases blood flow to the organs. Cordyceps is highly valued in China for building sexual energy over time by enhancing kidney yang and replenishing kidney yin; therefore, it’s considered a potent sexual tonic.

Cordyceps and Athletes

Cordyceps was essentially unknown in the West until 1993, when a group of Chinese runners broke several world records and attributed their stellar performance to a cordyceps-based tonic.

Recent studies suggest that it may boost oxygen uptake during exercise, helping the body work more efficiently.

Cordyceps success at treating these problems is due, at least in part, to the fact that it stimulates the liver to release stored energy, in the form of glucose, into circulation.

At the same time, Cordyceps helps the adrenal glands function better, which also contributes to increased energy.

In addition, Cordyceps antioxidant activity may make it useful in preventing age-related memory loss.

Cordyceps is proven to help symptoms associated with aging, such as poor immunity, poor sexual function and decreased production of red and white blood cells.

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