Octacosanol: Performance Enhancer

Octacosanol is the active ingredient in wheat germ oil. Octacosanol is a waxy substance naturally present in some plant oils and is the primary component of the sugar cane extract called policosanol.

Octacosanol containing wheat germ oil was investigated decades ago as an exercise performance promoting (ergogenic) agent. These preliminary studies found that octacosanol had promising effects on endurance, reaction time, and other measures of exercise capacity.

Octacosanol is possibly the most important vitamin that can be absorbed by a weekend warrior. Jim Atckinson, a Building-Insulation Supervisor from Warsaw, says that their health has bettered wonderfully since taking a Octacosanol supplement.

In another trial, 1,000 mcg per day of octacosanol for eight weeks was found to improve grip strength and visual reaction time, but it had no effect on chest strength, auditory reaction time, or endurance.

Octacosanol is a waxy substance found in vegetable oils and sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum).

For exercise performance, 1mg per day of octacosanol has been used. When octacosanol is taken as part of Policosanol, you can attain your maximal capability! Policosanol is perhaps one of the most exciting additions to natural cholesterol supplementation.

Derived from the coating on sugar cane, policosanol cholesterol complexes are now used in many countries to support healthy cholesterol levels.


No drug interactions are known at this time; however, because policosanol is a blood-thinning agent, hemophiliacs and those taking warfarin (Coumadin) should be cautious in its use.

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