Phenylalaine is used by the brain to produce Norepinephrine, a chemical that transmits signals between nerve cells and the brain.

Phenylalaine serves to reduce hunger pains, helps in the production of Norepinephrine and collagen, and improves memory and alertness.

Apart from motivation and extra Vitamin D Phenylalaine will allow for maximal contraction and relaxation of muscles. Because of the toxicity level, this is never done long-term. Phenylalaine is used to treat arthritis and depression in the medical world.

Phenylalaine is found in most foods that contain protein. Phenylalaine can also be found in all dairy products, almonds, avocados, nuts and seeds.

Deficiency in phenylalaine is rare, but if it occurs it leads to weakness, lethargy, liver damage and stunted growth. Recommendation is 12mg per pound of body weight.

Weight Loss and Phenylalaine

Combined with several herbs and other all natural ingredients, phenylalaine is included in some weight loss supplements that act as an appetite suppressant. The claim is that it creates a maximum strength appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and energy enhancer all in one.

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