Energy Source

Valine is a branched chain amino acid named after the plant valerian.

Valine promotes mental vigor, muscle coordination and calm emotions. Since it is a branched-chain amino acid, it can be used as an energy source in the muscles, and in doing so preserves the use of glucose.

Valine is often used by bodybuilders, (in conjunction with leucine and isoleucine), to promote muscle growth, tissue repair and act as an energizer, although little scientific evidence is yet available to support these claims.

Studies, however, have shown that these three substances might be useful in restoring muscle mass in people with liver disease, injuries, or who have undergone surgery.

Valine is named after the valerian plant in which it was discovered, but valine can also be found in many food products, including fish, poultry, cottage cheese, sesame seeds, lentils, soybeans, grains, mushrooms, and peanuts.

Athletes require more of this amino acid because of their higher levels of activity.

Valine Supplements: Naturopathic Medicine

Avid exercisers and those who practice a low protein diet, or are seriously trying to build muscle mass should consider valine supplementation. Valine is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that promotes normal growth, repairs tissues, regulates blood sugar, and provides the body with energy.

Valine Cautions

  • Very high levels of valine can cause symptoms such as a crawling sensation on the skin, as well as hallucinations.
  • Individuals with kidney or liver disease should be careful in consuming high intakes of amino acids without consulting their doctor.

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