NuBeam Review: Best Teeth Whitening Kit & Strips Reviews 2023

Last Updated: 17 October 2023

Tired of smiling with your lips sealed tight?

Hey there, seekers of dazzling grins and radiant confidence!

I sense you’ve been battling the yellowish teeth blues, leaving you in a standoff with your own reflection. But hold up, before the self-doubt creeps in, let’s have a real talk.

Ever caught yourself wishing for that Hollywood sparkle, that flashbulb-ready grin that stops hearts and steals the spotlight?

You’ve probably thought, “Why can’t my teeth just cooperate?” Well, guess what? You’re not alone in this pursuit of pearly perfection. Those billboards and Instagram feeds are jam-packed with those flawless smiles, and who doesn’t want in on that game?

Imagine a world where your teeth gleam like polished pearls. A world where your confidence skyrockets and you take center stage with your smile as your superpower. It’s not a fantasy; it’s a realm of radiant possibilities.

Now, you might be thinking, “Is there really a way out of this yellow submarine I’ve been stuck in?” Hold onto that thought, because today, my friend, we’re diving into the NuBeam Review: the transformative teeth whitening kit that’s shaking up the grin game.

Let’s decode this game-changer, separate the hype from the reality, and unlock the gateway to the smile you deserve.

Buckle up – we’re about to embark on a journey to a brighter you.

Ready to uncover the secret behind those envy-inducing smiles?

Let’s begin.

NuBeam Review: What is NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit?

NuBeam emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of teeth whitening, bringing innovation, accessibility, and confidence to the forefront of smiles. With an unwavering mission to empower individuals worldwide to embrace their best selves through the power of a radiant smile, NuBeam stands as a beacon of transformation.

NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit, renowned as a high-performance at-home solution, redefines the teeth whitening experience. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge LED technology and science-backed formulas, NuBeam achieves unparalleled results that rival professional dental treatments.

This innovative synergy ensures users not only brighten their smiles but also do so comfortably, addressing the concern of discomfort often associated with teeth whitening treatments.

NuBeam’s journey transcends mere aesthetics; it’s about fostering self-assurance, positivity, and empowerment. The NuBeam’s Supersmile Teeth Whitening Strips, a testament to NuBeam’s dedication, offer an accessible yet transformative way to enhance smiles.

Crafted with precision, these teeth whitening strips embody ease of use and efficacy, allowing individuals to confidently incorporate them into their daily routines. NuBeam’s essence lies in its commitment to elevating smiles while remaining affordable and comfortable.

Through science-driven innovation, NuBeam has created a paradigm where achieving a confident smile is no longer a distant aspiration but a reality that shines brilliantly, proving that every smile truly deserves to radiate.

Nubeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit and Strips

How Does NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

Let’s explore how NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit works for your super-dooper white teeth.

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips in Action

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips employ a comprehensive working mechanism that is both effective and safe. These strips contain hydrogen peroxide, a proven bleaching agent that gradually lightens the teeth’s color. While dentists use similar ingredients at higher concentrations in professional treatments, NuBeam ensures that their strips provide results without compromising gum health.

Research conducted by Clifton M. Carey, BA, MS, PhD, published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice, validates the safety and efficacy of hydrogen peroxide strips. These strips also encompass ingredients rich in anti-inflammatory agents that work to reduce redness, swelling, and promote quicker healing. (1)

The inclusion of potent anti-microbial compounds aids in combating bacteria, thereby minimizing plaque accumulation and lowering the risk of gingivitis development.

NuBeam goes beyond mere teeth whitening by integrating antioxidants into their strips. These antioxidants play a vital role in reducing oxidative stress, eliminating free radicals within the oral environment. This process not only fosters repair and healing but also bolsters overall immune function.

In support of this concept, a research review by Jolanta Pytko-Polończyk, et al, published in Antioxidants, delves into the significant role of antioxidant-rich materials in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. (2)

In essence, NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips merge the power of bleaching agents, anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials, and antioxidants to create a comprehensive oral care experience that goes beyond teeth whitening. This integrated approach not only enhances the aesthetics of the smile but also contributes to overall oral health and immunity.

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips review
Nubeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Strips review

NuBeam LED Light in Action

The incorporation of blue LED therapy within the NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit introduces a multifaceted approach that redefines teeth whitening by encompassing not only cosmetic enhancements but also holistic oral well-being.

The blue LED light’s influence extends beyond just whitening teeth; it plays a pivotal role in healing, inflammation reduction, and overall oral health improvement. This innovative device operates by emitting photons into the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouses, ultimately enhancing levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy source driving the functions of every cell within the body.

A study conducted by Bart Gottenbos, et al, published in Heliyon, underscores the significant teeth whitening benefits attributed to blue LED light therapy. The utilization of human tooth samples highlighted the tangible positive effects of blue LED light on teeth’s coloration. The photonic interaction with dental structures brings about a noticeable transformation in tooth appearance, affirming the clinical validity of NuBeam’s approach. (3)

In essence, the NuBeam LED Light for Teeth Whitening transcends the traditional boundaries of teeth whitening, intertwining technology-driven cosmetic enhancements with comprehensive healing and oral health improvements.

By harnessing the power of blue LED therapy, this innovative device establishes itself as a game-changer, not only in achieving whiter teeth but also in promoting a healthier, more vibrant smile.

NuBeam LED Light Teeth Whitening review

Benefits of NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Following are the some of the proven benefits of NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit that you can experience with very first application.

Professional-Level Whitening Results at Home

The NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit offers the advantage of achieving professional-level whitening results conveniently within the comfort of your own home. The advanced formulation and cutting-edge LED booster light synergize to deliver stunning outcomes comparable to dental office treatments.

Innovative PVP Technology

Infused with Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) K30 and K90, the kit employs next-generation hydrogen peroxide variants that gently dissolve stubborn stains on teeth. Supported by scientific research, PVP exhibits stain-removing properties through adsorption, ensuring a brighter smile that stands out.

Enhanced Stain Prevention

The unique PVP formulation not only addresses existing stains but also acts as a preventive shield against the formation of new stains on tooth enamel. This proactive approach helps maintain the whiteness of your teeth for longer periods, elevating the lasting impact of the whitening process.

Holistic Oral Health Benefits

The NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit extends beyond aesthetics by incorporating ingredients like Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC), known for its ability to improve oral health. HEC’s thickening properties ensure uniform distribution of the whitening agents, promoting oral hygiene and gum health.

Optimized LED Light Technology

The inclusion of a blue LED booster light takes the whitening process to new heights. Scientifically proven to influence teeth coloration, the LED technology triggers a photonic interaction that enhances ATP production, providing energy to all cells in the body. This innovative mechanism contributes to not only whiter teeth but also holistic vitality.

Gentle and Comfortable Experience

NuBeam’s formulation prioritizes user comfort by incorporating anti-inflammatory agents that reduce redness and swelling, and by promoting quick healing. Additionally, the LED technology ensures that the whitening process is gentle, minimizing sensitivity and discomfort often associated with teeth whitening.

Antioxidant-Rich Approach

The kit’s comprehensive approach incorporates antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and eliminate free radicals in the mouth. This not only fosters repair and healing but also bolsters overall immunity, reinforcing the idea that NuBeam’s benefits extend beyond the visual appeal.

Nubeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips Formula Overview

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Strips feature an advanced hydrogen peroxide variant called PVP, which triggers a gentle chemical reaction on teeth to dissolve persistent stains.

Moreover, it prevents the formation of new stains on tooth enamel, making it an ideal option for individuals in pursuit of a remarkable teeth whitening solution.

Let’s explore the full formula what’s included in these magical teeth whitening strips.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 and Polyvinylpyrrolidone K90

(PVP K30) and PVP K90 are prominent components in teeth whitening products known for their stain-removing capabilities. Scientific studies have highlighted the effectiveness of PVP in binding to extrinsic stains on teeth surfaces, facilitating their removal.

A study by Attin, et al. (2011) published in the Journal of Dentistry demonstrated PVP’s efficacy in stain removal through its adsorption properties, enhancing teeth’s visual appearance. (4)

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)

HEC is an essential ingredient in teeth whitening formulations due to its thickening properties, ensuring uniform distribution and adherence of the whitening agents. HEC’s role in maintaining the stability of teeth whitening gels has been validated by studies like the one conducted by Joiner, et al. (2004), published in the Journal of Dentistry. (5)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a proven bleaching agent extensively used in teeth whitening for its oxidizing properties that break down stains. Studies such as the one by Gerlach, et al. (2002) in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry establish hydrogen peroxide’s efficacy in whitening teeth by effectively targeting intrinsic and extrinsic stains. (6)


Glycerin serves as a carrier for other active ingredients in teeth whitening products, aiding in even application and retention of the whitening agents. Scientific literature, including studies like the one by Flotra, et al. (1971) published in Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, underscores glycerin’s role in maintaining product consistency and enhancing user experience. (7)


Ethanol, a common component in teeth whitening products, serves as a solvent for various active ingredients, ensuring their effective dispersion. Studies like the one by Li, et al. (2010) in the journal Chemical Physics Letters highlight ethanol’s role in enhancing solubility and stability of formulations. (8)


Menthol contributes to teeth whitening products by providing a refreshing flavor and sensation. While not directly tied to whitening efficacy, menthol’s inclusion enhances user satisfaction, as demonstrated in studies like the one by Nahid, et al. (2013) in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. (9)


Aqua (water) serves as a base and solvent for other ingredients in teeth whitening formulations. Its inclusion ensures uniform dispersion and dilution of active components. While studies specifically highlighting water’s role in teeth whitening are limited, its fundamental function in forming safe and effective formulations is widely recognized across cosmetic sciences.

Nubeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit and Strips reviews

NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Sarah S.

"I've always been self-conscious about my coffee stained teeth, but after just one treatment I noticed a significant difference. My teeth are brighter, and I can finally smile with confidence. Thank you, NuBeam, for making me feel beautiful again!"

Rachelle S.

"As a busy professional, I needed a teeth whitening solution that was convenient and effective. NuBeam exceeded my expectations, giving me a radiant smile without any hassle. I'm so grateful for the confidence it's given me at work!"

Emily T.

"I was skeptical at first, but NuBeam proved me wrong! The whitening results are phenomenal, and the best part is there's no irritation. My teeth look fantastic, and I've received so many compliments. I can't recommend NuBeam enough!"

Amanda W.

"After years of hiding my smile, I finally found NuBeam, and it has transformed my life. The whitening process was simple and painless, and I saw visible results from the first treatment. I'm now more confident than ever!"

Olivia N.

"NuBeam is a game-changer for me. I've tried other teeth whitening products before, but none delivered like NuBeam. It's easy to use, gentle on my sensitive teeth, and the results are amazing. My smile is now my favourite accessory!"

Mark W.

"I never thought I'd find a teeth whitening product that truly works, but NuBeam delivered. My smile is brighter and more confident and that's showing up as better results in my dating life. Thanks, NuBeam, for changing my life!"

NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Pros: Why NuBeam?

  • Visible results after just 1 treatment
  • Safe for the most sensitive teeth and gums
  • Brightens teeth stained by coffee, wine, smoking… anything!
  • Dissolves stains in just 60 minutes
  • Erases even the worst stains
  • No enamel damage (just shine!)
  • No gum irritation
  • Irritation-free formula
  • Residue-free, easy cleanup
  • Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly formula
  • Backed by the latest dental science
  • Clinically proven smile transformation
  • Dentist-recommended smile upgrade
  • Guaranteed to brighten your grin!

NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Cons

  • Only available from the official website
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Not available on Amazon, GNC, WallMart, eBay stores, etc.
NuBeam Reviews

FAQs about NuBeam SuperSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

Is NuBeam Safe?

Absolutely, YESSS!

NuBeam is not like other brands that include nasty chemicals and harmful bleaching agents to bring quick whitening results with long term loss to dental and oral health.

NuBeam contain 100% safe and proven ingredients. Just try it yourself and witness the power of transparency and proven techniques.

Does NuBeam Have Harmful Bleaching Agents?

NuBeam‘s ingredients are clinically proven, cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Here’s the list of NuBeam’s ingredients:

  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 (PVP K30)
  • Glycerin
  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone K90 (PVP K90)
  • Aqua
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Menthol.

Can NuBeam be used with caps, bridges, veneers, implants, or bonded teeth?

No. NuBeam brand believes in transparency. It’s clearly mentioned on the company website that NuBeam ingredients can’t work on artificial ingredinets used in caps, bridges, veneers, implants, or bonded teeth.

How long does it take to get results from the Teeth Whitening Kit?

Mark your calender for 14 days and you’ll be surprised after 14 days. In just 14 days, your teeth could be sparkling up to 12 shades brighter!

Remember to take a slefie of your smiling face with explicit teeth color before starting NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit. Follow the instructions mentioned on the box and you’re up to shine in the dark!

Where Can I Buy NuBeam?

NuBeam is available online from the official website. To keep the cheaters away, NuBeam is not available from ny online store like Amazon, eBay, WalMart, etc.

How To Use NuBeam Teeth Whitening Kit?

At home teeth whitening is very simple with NuBeam. It needs just two steps:

Step 1.

Carefully remove the strips from the backing. Apply the NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Strips to the top and bottom set of your teeth. Set the strips according to your gum line. Keep the strips on teeth for 60 minutes.

Step 2.

Switch the NuBeam LED light On and bring it to your mouth. Make sure the light falls on the entire teeth where strips are applied. Keep it going for five minutes. Switch off the booster and remove the strips slowly from your teeth.

Concluding Now: Unveiling Your Path to Radiant Confidence

You’ve probably caught yourself stealing glances at magazine covers or social media posts, enviously admiring those beaming, confident smiles. Perhaps you’ve even wondered, “Why can’t that be me?”

We get it. That’s a common thought when you yearn for teeth that shine as bright as your aspirations.

But hold on a second – let’s talk about you. You, who’s determined to conquer the world with your unstoppable charm. You, who’s been searching for that one solution to elevate your confidence and light up your life. You’ve read, researched, and even tried a few things, but the skepticism has held you back. Maybe you’ve thought, “Will this really work for me, or is it just another promise?”

Guess what? Your feelings are real, and they’re valid. We’ve all been there, standing at the crossroads of hope and doubt. You’re not alone in wanting those pearly whites that turn heads and leave lasting impressions. You’re not alone in desiring that transformation that amplifies your inner brilliance.

That’s where NuBeam comes in – a revelation that’s set to redefine your journey. Imagine looking in the mirror and watching as your smile unfolds, revealing newfound confidence that resonates from within. Picture the radiant energy you’ll exude, the genuine joy that will emanate from your heart. It’s not just about teeth; it’s about the transformation that elevates you to a level where your aspirations become your reality.

Remember the arsenal of benefits you’ve explored, from the innovative PVP technology to the holistic oral health enhancements, from the advanced LED light technology to the comforting embrace of antioxidants. These are the tools that pave your path to self-assuredness, the journey that invites you to embrace your own brilliance.

So, go ahead, stand tall and take a bow – because you’re about to step into a world where confidence knows no bounds. Your smile – your beacon of radiance – is about to captivate hearts and inspire the world. Give yourself the standing ovation you deserve. Your journey with NuBeam begins now.

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