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Dietary Fiber is simply a type of carbohydrate found naturally in plant-based foods that is not digestible in humans. Although fiber cannot be digested, it is being moved down the digestive tract as nutrients are being digested, and can do some great things that positively impact our health. You will read here about the best fiber supplement 2020.

Before moving towards the best fiber supplement, have a look on some health benefits of dietary fiber.

Health Benefits of Fiber

A high-fiber diet has a lot of health benefits. Following are some of them:

Prevention from Chronic Diseases

Studies suggest that higher intake of fiber helps to lower the rates of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure (hypertension), and digestive diseases. (National Research Council (US) Committee on Diet and Health)

Researches recommend that fiber intake may prevent health conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and various digestion problems, like constipation, colon cancer, and diverticulitis, by simply increasing fiber in your diet. (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

Support in Weight Maintenance

Research suggests nutrients like fiber can play a major role in body weight. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

Controls Your Weight Gain

Some studies suggest that high fiber intakes help reduce weight gain as you age. (National Research Council (US) Committee on Diet and Health)

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Fiber expands and bulks food in your GI tract, slowing digestion. This can increase satisfaction of your food and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. (Food and Drug Administration)

Reduces Obesity

Foods high in fiber also tend to be lower in energy density, meaning they’ll help you feel fuller without consuming excessive calories. This concept is at the core of why a higher fiber diet is associated with a lower rate of obesity. (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Digestive Disorders

Fiber cleans your body’s pipes like a scrub brush so reducing carcinogenic activity. Enough fiber intake helps to reduce the risk of diverticulitis, a condition in which pouches formed in the colon become infected. Fiber also helps keep food clear from the pouches and moving through the digestive tract. (Polski Merukuriusz Lekarski)

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Fiber supplements play a vital role in prevention of colon cancer. (Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention)

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Reduction

Studies recommend that the soluble fiber supplement reduces blood cholesterol. (Vascular Health and Risk Management)

Regulates Blood Pressure

Studies suggest that the fiber regulates your blood pressure. The reason is more associated with nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium contained in foods high in fiber. (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Improves Mood, Memory & Immune System

Many studies highlighted the fiber’s ability to impact the immune system, mood, and memory by the promotion of healthy gut bacteria. (Metabolism Clinical and Experimental)

Overall health and longer life

In short, fiber may actually help you live longer. (American Journal of Epidemiology)

Best Fiber Supplement: Collagen Fiber Bar

Do you want to lose weight fast, burn your body fats, and keep your gut microbes happy? Then you need to get the enough fiber every day. That is 25–30 grams for women and 30–38 for men. Collagen Fiber bar gives you an impressive 17 grams of fiber. It is the best kind of fiber: natural, soluble and prebiotic. Therefore, it helps your body absorb the key minerals. It keeps your digestive system working smoothly. As a result, it enhances your immune function and makes your gut microbes glow.

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Coconut Chocolate Bar
Best Fiber Supplement - Collagen Fiber Bar

Ingredients of Keto Collagen Fiber Bar

  • Coconut Flakes
  • Chocolate Coating (Inulin, Palm Kernal Oil, Cocoa, Sunflower lecithin, Stevia)
  • Inulin (Prebiotic fiber from chicory root)
  • Grass-fed bovine hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Acacia, Sea Salt, Stevia, Pure vanilla extract
  • No added sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Dairy-free, Soy-free, Gluten-free, No added sugar, Non-GMO

Nutritional Facts (Each Serving: 40 grams)

  • Dietary Fiber => 17 grams
  • Proteins => 4 grams
  • Net Carbs => 3 grams
  • Saturated Fats => 10 grams
  • Total Sugars => 3 grams
  • Added Sugars => 0
  • Calories => 120
  • Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly
Fiber Supplement - Collagen

Collagen Benefits

Collagen has some amazing health benefits like smoother skin, less wrinkles, and a healthier gut.

In addition, collagen fights inflammation as it is loaded with gelatin, a gut-healing nutrient. So, it protects the gut from bad bacteria.

It also reverses skin aging and eases joint pain and deterioration. Collagen is also proven to promote healthy cartilage tissue and support osteoarthritis.

Best Fiber Supplement - Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Dark chocolate is loaded with a number of nutrients. One serving of 70-85% cocoa contains 11g fiber and 45g cabs (34g net carb) and 8g protein. A serving also contains 98% DV Manganese, 89% DV Copper, 67% DV Iron, and 60% DV Magnesium.

Dark chocolate also contains caffeine which gives your brain and body a boost of energy.

It is also believed that consuming dark chocolate can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate also may increase blood flow in your arteries and lower blood pressure.

Soluble Fiber Supplement - Coconut

Coconut Benefits

Coconut packs a nutritional punch. In one serving of dried coconut, you will get 18g of fiber and 25g of carbs (7g net carbs), and 7.5g protein. A serving also contains 137% DV Manganese, and 40% DV of Copper.

Coconut contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which metabolizes differently in your body. MCTs absorb directly into your small intestine where your body uses them rapidly for energy!

Studies also show that regular consumption of coconut could contribute to a healthier heart and promote blood sugar regulation.

Extra Features of Collagen Fiber Bar that Support Your Weight Loss

Dairy Free Fiber Supplement
Gluten Free Fiber Supplement
Keto Friendly Fiber Supplement
Best Fiber Supplement - Paleo Friendly
Best Fiber Supplement - Non GMO
Best Fiber Supplement - Soy Free

Does This Best Fiber Supplement Help To Lose Weight?

Besides the delicious taste, the Collagen Fiber Bar is very effective for your fast weight loss. It provides you a sufficient amount of fiber and proteins which make you fresh and active. It is very low in fats and calories.

Reviews from real users are the ultimate source of confirmation about the results of this best fiber supplement.

Following are some of Collagen Fiber Bar reviews from the verified customers.

Fiber Supplement - Collagen fiber bar customer reviews

Collagen Fiber Bar Customer Reviews

This $32 Collagen Fiber Bar has 503 Reviews from Verified Users on their website.

Best Fiber Supplement - Collagen Fiber Bar Customer Reviews

Satisfied Users      98% (492 out of 503) What a great customers’ satisfaction level, WOW!

  • 5 Stars        431      86%
  • 4 Stars          37        7%
  • 3 Stars          24        5%


Dissatisfied Users (11 out of 503)

  • 2 Stars           6        1%
  • 1 Star             5        1%

Analysis of Dissatisfied Users (11 out of 503)

Honestly speaking, I have read all the 2 stars and 1 star reviews about this best fiber supplement.

  • One user wrote ‘Excellent flavor’ but still gave 2 stars.
  • One user just wrote name of the product and gave 2 stars.
  • Three users with 2 stars explained their difficulty about chewing it.
  • One user complained about unsettled stomach. So he gave 2 stars. Dr. Kellyann excused him. She also suggested him to take his refund if 30 days had not been passed.
  • Two users showed their love and appreciation for it but still gave 1 star without telling any reason.
  • One user wrote ‘it’s like to eat a candy bar, without guilt’ and gave 1 star.
  • One user missed the good taste of old one and gave 1 star.
  • Another user mentioned that he had extreme GI distress after eating this. So, he gave 1 star.

It means out of 503 customers of this best fiber supplement not even a single user reported:

  • Any Side effect
  • Any Quality issue
  • Delivery issue
  • Any Taste issue
  • Any Customer care issue

In short, it shows the credibility and the quality of this soluble fiber supplement.

Enjoy This Best Fiber Supplement: Collagen Fiber Bar

Best Fiber Supplement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber and why is it important?
Fiber is a carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. It’s found in the plants we eat — fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Dietary fibre is important for our digestive health and regular bowel movements. Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer, can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and can assist in preventing some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.

Should I take fiber supplements?
Yes, of course. Fiber is an essential nutrient that our body needs. You have read the health benefits of Fiber in the above sections.
What is the best fiber to take for constipation?
It’s best to get fiber from food. But if you can’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to make a difference, then opt for fiber supplements. Collagen fiber is the best in this scenario. Collagen Fiber Bar offers 17 grams of fiber in each serving.
Does fiber help you lose belly fat?
One way to lose belly fat is to lose weight. And given that soluble fiber controls your intakes through controlling your hunger hormones, it can help you do that. Some studies have found that eating soluble fiber reduces the levels of hunger hormones produced by the body, including ghrelin.
Does fiber make your poop hard or soft?
When you’re constipated, your body makes stool that is dry and hard. … Fiber helps pull water from your colon, making your stool softer and easier to pass. So if you’re often constipated, eat a fiber-rich diet.

Collagen Fiber Bar provides you 17 grams of fiber in each serving that is natural and soluble fiber. You can take two Fiber bars to get extra fiber in case of constipation, etc. It is actually a soluble fiber supplement.

What kind of fiber makes you poop?
Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stool and helps food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines, while soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel-like material. Together, the two types of fiber work together to bulk up stool, soften it, and make it easier to pass.
What time of day should I take fiber supplements?
It depends on the purpose of your fiber intake.

If you want to enjoy the delicious taste of Fiber Bar (like the amazing taste of Collagen Fiber Bar) then no time can be fixed. It is your sweet will to enjoy it at any time.

If you want to take fiber to treat constipation or any other reason and need the maximum output from the fiber then take fiber supplement 1 or 2 hours before or after your meal.

Why am I still constipated after eating fiber?
Where fiber intake has a lot of health benefits, at the same time over-dose of fiber like any other edible is also not good for health.

70 grams of fiber is the maximum limit for fiber intake in normal circumstances. Over-dose of fiber may also casuse constipation, gas or bloating.

If after taking fiber, you are still constipated then increase your fluid intake, exercise and change your diet patterns.

What is the most effective fiber supplement?
A number of Fiber supplements are available on the market but only Collagen Fiber Bar provides 17 grams of Fiber with only 2 grams of Net Carbs. It’s the best kind of fiber: natural, soluble, prebiotic fiber that helps your body absorb key minerals, keeps your digestive system running smoothly, enhances your immune function, and makes your gut microbiome glow.

This bar is so satisfying that it keeps cravings away for hours so you stay focused. Maybe best of all, it is collagen-rich for beautiful skin!

How long after eating fiber will I poop?
This time varies from person to person but is usually around 24 hours for someone with a fiber rich diet. There are many factors that determine how long it will take for food to pass through the body.
Is it OK to take fiber supplements every day?
There is no evidence that there is any harm in eating fiber daily.

Just keep the 70 grams of fiber deadline in mind and enjoy your best fiber supplement like Collagen Fiber Bar.

How can I get more fiber without increasing carbs?
Collagen Fiber Bar offers a healthy 17 grams of Fiber with the lowest amount of Net Carbs: 2 grams.
Is fiber good before bed?
Yes, not only good but a good supplement for good quality sleep. Many researches are proving it.
Does fiber flatten your stomach?
Yes. Eating more soluble fiber (that Collagen fiber bar provides) helps to lose belly fat and prevents any weight gain.
Can collagen make breasts bigger?
By stimulating the swelling of collagen and fatty tissue, practitioners claim you can increase breasts up to one cup size.
Does collagen help with belly fat?
collagen peptides can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is likely because collagen makes up approximately 70% of our skin, particularly the dermis layer. It is responsible for thickness and elasticity. Increasing collagen intake is clinically proven to help hide fat cells underneath the skin.
What are the shipping charges of Collagen Fiber Bar?
Sometimes shipping is free due to some promotions and campaigns. Otherwise a nominal amount of shipping cost you have to pay.
Is there any Refund policy or Money Back Guarantee for Collagen Fiber Bar?
Yes, sure.

Dr. Kellyann offers 30 days Money Back Guarantee or refund policy if you don’t like or don’t want to use this best fiber supplement.

This refund policy applies only when you buy directly from the official website of Dr. Kellyann.

Is there any coupon code for discount of Collagen Fiber Bar?
Currently there is no coupon code for discount.

You can avail 10% discount after subscribing for emial list on the website.

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