Doja Cat is one of the most famous people on Instagram for her weight loss journey. Doja Cat weight loss story has been an inspiration to many, but do you want to know how she has done it? We will go over her diet and workout routine so that you can do it too!

A lot of people are wondering what caused this sudden trend though because there haven’t really been many details revealed by either party except maybe an Instagram post here and there about how much work goes into creating one good track–but we’ll get more into those later!

Recently, the famous singer has shocked her fans through her weight loss transformation. So, why did the rapper lose weight? How did she do it? We will cover all about the songwriter’s weight loss. Read more to find out all the details about Doja Cat weight loss – before and after and weight-loss details.

Who is Doja Cat?

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini professionally known as Doja Cat is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer born October 21, 1995, in Los Angeles

The 27-year old singer and rapper, Doja Cat has been making music that is all the rage. She’s known for her unique style in which she challenges musical boundaries with songs like “I Don’t Do Drugs” or even goes against genres such as electronic pop on album cuts like ‘Need to know.’

She started making music and releasing it on the sound cloud as a teenager and this was when one of her songs called So High caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA records where she signed a joint record deal at the age of 17.

In 2018 Doja Cat released her debut Studio Album Amala which later earned viral success as an internet meme with the single Mooo.

Her second Studio Album Hot pink in 2019 reached the top 10 on the US Billboard 200 with the single Say So which was ranked top on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after the release of the remix featuring Nick Minaj. Doja Cat Also collaborated with Ariana Grande and they made a song called Motive.

Doja Cat got fame as a rapper after her debut with the single So High. In 2020, the singer won New Artist of the Year at American Music Awards.

She is also known for creating music videos and songs that go viral on social media applications like Tit Tok and YouTube.

Doja cat has recently topped the 100 Billboard Hot 100 songwriters chart for the first time with her song Kiss Me More featuring SZA.

Recently her fans have been curious about her weight loss on social media asking different questions. Did she really lose weight? What is her diet and fitness plan? Let’s find out everything in this Doja Cat weight loss article today.

Doja Cat Workout Routine and Diet Tips

Doja Cat’s Music Career

As we said earlier, she started her journey at only 17 years of age when Kemosabe and RCA Records signed her after hearing her Sound Cloud music.

Soon afterward, she released her first-ever EP in 2014, by the name of Purrr! Then she took a break from music for four years. The break, in reality, was the time she needed to prepare her first studio album.

In 2018, Doja released Amala, her first studio album. Just a year later, in 2019, she released her second studio album Hot Pink, which was a real booster for her career.

After her second album, she has released several singles with some of the best female artists like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Meghan Thee Stallion.

She has won multiple awards, including two AMAs and one MTV Music Award for Best New Artist. She has also received six nominations at the Billboard Music Awards.

Doja Cat’s hunt for a Grammy continues as she hasn’t won one yet. She has received THREE Grammy nominations but hasn’t won one just yet. With her talent and determination, it’s just a matter of time before she wins one.

Even Forbes named her as one of the best breakout stars of 2020 when they listed her on their 30 under 30 lists. So, to say that her career is definitely on the right track wouldn’t be wrong. Now, let’s move towards the main thing, Doja Cat weight loss.

Doja Cat Body Measurement

  • Birth Year: 1995
  • Birth Date: October 21
  • Height: 5 ft. 5 inch
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Breast: 35 inches
  • Waist: 26 inches
  • Hips: 36 inches
  • Body Measurements: 35-26-36
  • Shoe Size: 6

Doja Cat is Proud of Her “Healthy” Weight Loss

During an interview with Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Doja Cat was asked about the new things she learned in the year 2020. On answering that question, she appeared to hint at her “healthy” change in appearance by showing off her body.

The singer said,

If I put my mind to something, I can do it because there’s a lot of things that I’ve struggled with and I feel like I won’t specify. It’s not like anything edgy or crazy but you know like as far as taking care of myself, I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good. I look better. I’m a little more healthy.

Like most fans, we believe Doja Cat looks stunning, to say the least! Every celebrity, in fact, loses weight after being dragged in every direction to make appearances and performances all over the world.

Doja Cat Before and Affter

How Did Doja Cat Lose Weight?

Like all other celebrities, it’s always the fans who notice even the slightest of change to Doja Cat’s body or face. The singer has been seen looking curvier than last year and people are noticing!

Even though it may seem impossible to maintain those curves, she has done so successfully and shown them off very well in her music videos. One Reddit user asked if Maintaining a youthful appearance can be as simple or hard on the skin?

The diet and workout plan will help you lose weight like magic!

The information is invaluable so don’t miss out on it.

The artist, like many celebrities before her has never revealed much of their diet plan or routine. One thing we are clear about is that she does not fall for alcohol – instead opting to keep herself fit and hydrated with healthy food options like vegetables!

The singer’s diet is full of greenies and fruits to provide her body with necessary nutrients, as well as protein. She also loves eggs for their high cholesterol levels that keep the skin healthy! Seaweed makes a great snack when you’re on tour because it has low-fat content but provides tons of vitamins A & E too boot.

In meat and proteins, Doja loves to have salmon in white meat and a chicken or beef steak for the dinner. Juices are her also pick for useful hydration.

Seeing all these healthy and useful items on her pick for a day, she also refuses much of the junk food. For a quick snack craving, she loves to have her seaweed chips or anything much healthier.

Doja Cat Weight Loss Journey

Doja revealed during an interview with Cosmopolitan Middle East that she has been battling with body image issues for almost her whole life. She said

“Growing up, I definitely had body dysmorphia. Without a doubt. And I’ve had it since,” Doja shares. “It started during my teens, which I think is where it begins for most people. I started really growing and I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the stuff I wore. I feel like that song [Juicy] was therapeutic for me, i kind of made it for myself – well, the meaning behind it, at least, I was kind of doing it for my own happiness and I feel like other people can definitely pull some joy from that, too.

Now, I just try to focus on eating well, but I definitely still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now. But I think that’s to be completely expected when there are all these phones in your face, right?”

This body dysmorphia problem caused her to start working on herself. So she decided to make a song for her own motivation called Juicy to also improve her self-acceptance.

As it is the same case for all celebrities, fans are always the first to notice the physical change of their favorite celebrity. And this is exactly what happened to Doja also as her fans started discussing her physique which seemed she had lost weight.


Doja Cat Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Doja Cat Diet Tips Workout Routine
Doja Cat has lost weight - Read Success Story

Doja Cat Diet Plan for So Successful Weight Loss Journey

In an interview, Doja Cat revealed about her diet plan and all about her weight loss journey. On December 11, 2020 the Rules rapper tweeted about her food. Doja said she had been cooking for herself and eating lots of seaweeds to stay healthy. However, Doja herself hasn’t revealed her diet plan for weight loss.

The songwriter has been following healthy habits of not eating any junk foods. Doja prefers salmon for white meat and eats chicken and beef steak for dinner. She has been consuming lots of protein and drinking juices regularly to keep herself hydrated.

“Now I just try to focus on eating well, but I definitely still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now. But I think that’s to be completely expected when there are all these phones in your face, right.”

“I bought groceries before the election cuz I thought it was gonna get stanky out there so I just been cooking for myself ever since. I eat two eggs and spinach tortilla w caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese and hot sauce and roll it up. I also eat a lot of seaweed.” – Doja.

Fridge Tour

On a recent Instagram live Doja took her fans on a tour of her fridge. The fridge wasn’t packed with food because of her busy travel schedule, but Doja always makes sure to keep a few sample items in her fridge. Here’s some of the foods she regularly keeps in her diet:

Quinoa: This is a nutritious grain crop and a good source of fiber and protein. Its high fiber content will make you feel full quickly, and as a result, you’ll consume fewer calories. Quinoa is tasty and can be eaten together with other foods.

Tuna: Tuna is lean meat, meaning that it contains a low amount of fat. While it is known to cause rapid weight loss, controversies about how safe it is for human health. Consult with your doctor before adding Tuna to your diet.

Kale: The leafy kale vegetable has a very low-calorie content and is suitable for weight loss. Add it to stew, soup, and spaghetti sauce.

Water: Taking plenty of water will help you burn more calories. If you’re looking to lose weight, replace all your sugary beverages with water, you’ll soon be amazed at the result.

So, in short, we can summarize the Doja Cat’s diet plan for weight loss in the following way:


  • Eggs
  • Juice
  • Fruits
  • Toast


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken or salmon
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Evening Snack

  • Salad or green juice


  • Steak or sweet potato
  • Veggies

That was the diet journey of Doja Cat who is super conscious about what she puts in her body. She is not to one who would do bizarre diets only to binge on later. She also takes some basic supplements to keep her going throughout the day as her schedule can get pretty hectic.

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Doja Cat Workout Plan for Weight Loss

After the success of her video “Doja Cat strikes back,” she quickly became one of YouTube’s most controversial figures.

How does Doja Cat workouts go on? Doja Cat has a very curvy body which many of us still desire for. But still, you cannot please everyone around you especially your haters in line. Doja was also praised and hated for her curves all at the same time. But she did never took it to her nerves.

doja cat workout image

Seeing her body type one can assume and assure of some kind of workout sessions for the cause. Doja Cat body has changed very dramatically. But I can not still assure you of a specific workout of Doja doing as she never revealed it. However, the singer was of full confidence with her spirit to do anything she thought of. And by anything here, we are talking about being Healthy.

To an interview, she praises her will to simply work out anything if she wills to. She said,

If I put my mind to something, I can do it because there’s a lot of things that I’ve struggled with and I feel like I won’t specify. It’s not like anything edgy or crazy but you know like as far as taking care of myself, I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good. I look better. I’m a little more healthy.

On 16 July 2021, the rapper cam live on Instagram to talk about her workouts. In the video, she says her workouts have made her stronger. Doja is working out a lot and lifting weights, push-ups, and pull-ups on different days.

For weight training, Doja Cat does the following;

  • Leg curls 
  • Squats 
  • Push-ups
  • Shoulder press
  • Crunches
  • Kettlebells
  • Jump squats 

In one of his workout videos on youtube, you can see her doing the following specifically-purposed exercises and weight training:

Upper Body:

  • Chest Flyers,
  • Bench Press
  • Cable rows
  • Shoulder Press
  • Triceps pushdown

Lower Body

  • Squat
  • Crunches
  • Leg curls
  • Leg extension

Many of us know and her fans that she has been very active on her social media throughout the pandemic. Her live streams with the bare vocals and strong notes can gather a huge audience. With regard to her profession, the singer has much to do for rehearsals and other essential activities.

Being this much busy can make you think of this as her body toner but there got to be some exercise or a body core workout. So as we all do not know specifically the Doja Cat workout plan, I will help you guys to put forth a strong workout planner to have curves like our star.

Fans reaction to Doja Cat’s new look

Like other celebrities, Doja Cat weight loss attracted much attention. One of her fans took to Reddit to talk about her new facial appearance. He said;

“This is not meant to be offensive in anyways, I just kind of worried about Doja Cat. She seems fine, but she also looks like she’s lost a lot of weight – especially in her face, and as someone who dealt with a similar weight loss issue and …interesting methods – I see similarities, I guess, and I am kinda worried. Do any of you notice this as well or am I just tripping?”

In reply to this, another fan wrote;

“I noticed this too, but I think she just wanted to lose some weight for the Grammys, not sure why cause she’s looked better the bigger she is. She seems to be putting it back on tho so I’m sure she’s fine.”

Despite this, Doja did not give up on her weight loss journey.

Did Doja Cat Undergo Any Surgery?

People are always quick to undermine other people’s achievements. When it comes to celebrities, people are never satisfied with anything.

A few years back, when Doja was a bit curvy, people would say that she doesn’t look good enough to be in music videos.

She is too chubby and whatnot. Now that she has lost a little weight and has a tones body, people still body shame her by saying that she looked better with bigger curves.

Not only that, there are a few people who believe that Doja underwent surgery to lose some excess fat, which is simply not true.

Just because a celebrity does not openly talk about her weight loss doesn’t mean she achieved it by some harmful means. Doja lost weight with hard work and determination, and she definitely did not undergo any surgery.

Doja Cat Weight Loss Workout and Diet Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Doja Cat Weight Loss

Let’s have a quick view of some frequently asked questions about Doja Cat.

Does Doja Cat lift weights?

On arm days, Doja lifts weights. Doja Cat admits, she struggles with training her upper body: “I’ve just always had noodle arms, my whole life,” she explained. On lower body days, Doja does jump squats and kettlebell exercises. “I love doing squats,” she said.

Is Doja Cat vegan?

Grammy-nominated musical artist Doja Cat just released her first beauty line and it’s completely vegan. Doja Cat created the collection to help fans recreate some of her iconic and bold looks.

How does Doja cat have a flat stomach?

“I’ve just always had noodle arms, my whole life,” she revealed. Lower body workout day exercises include jump squats and kettlebell exercises. “I love doing squats,” she said. “Don’t know why, but my bottom half responds to a lot, and you can see it immediately.”

Is Doja Cat an Egirl?

And while it might sound a bit unusual, Doja Cat’s unique take on e-girl beauty has helped her shoot to viral stardom, with millions of girls across the world emulating her playful look.

What is Doja cat's IQ?

Doja Cat on Instagram: “sleep is good for the genitals and i also have an IQ of 560 because of it”.

Why is it called a Doja Cat?

As a teenager in 2012, Doja Cat gained her stage name from one of her cats as well as her favorite strain of marijuana, stating, “I was heavily addicted to weed and weed culture, so when I began rapping I thought of the word ‘doja’ and how it sounds like a girl’s name.”

What face peel does Doja Cat use?

Once washed and dried, Doja goes on to apply the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel and leaves it on for around five seconds, rubbing her face with her hands until her “skin comes off” to look like “a horror movie.” Well, then! The method is unique, but definitely makes for some amazing dewy results.

Does Doja do her own makeup?

While some credit is owed to her makeup artist, Ernesto Casillas, the Planet Her artist has been known to create incredible looks all on her own, occasionally documenting the application process on her Instagram and generously sharing product deets (presumably at her fans’ behest).

Does Doja Cat use autotune?

The heavy amount of autotune on her voice is similar to what rapper Travis Scott uses, but I prefer it on Scott—sorry Cat! “Alone” and “Been Like This” are similar in the way that Cat’s singing is stripped down to just her vocals with little to no autotune.

What is Doja Cat's type?

Doja Cat is an ENFP personality type. She has a strong need to connect emotionally with others.

Is Doja Cat single now?

She’s single. Since her rise to fame, Doja has only been in one public relationship. The rapper started dating YouTuber Johnny Utah in 2019, after Doja discovered his song “Honeypie” on the website, as they explained together in an Instagram live.

Is Doja Cat Spanish?

There are many people who think that Doja Cat is Mexican, but she’s not actually from Mexico – she was born in Los Angeles. She has been incorporating many aspects of Mexican culture into her productions and performances.

How much does Doja Cat charge for a feature?

However, her charges are more likely to go up, thanks to her awaited album in 2021. How much does Doja cat charge for a feature? Like most celebrities, she does not have a constant fee to appear in a music feature. However, based on The Face estimations, Doja Cat may charge $3,000 to $5,000 for a feature.

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