Jennifer McDermed Biography

Jennifer McDermed is an American meteorologist and forecaster of weather, currently employed by the Fox 9 KMSP News Team since January 2018.

Her birthplace and childhood were in Atchison, Kansas. Before becoming a part of Fox 9 News, McDermed earned a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology at St. Louis University in May 2013.

Following graduation, she began her career with a brief time with KQTV in St. Joseph, MO, and by November 2013, she was a member of the team of weather experts at WHO-TV 13 in Des Moines, IA.

Although Jennifer McDermed loved the tough snowy winters in Iowa, McDermed wanted to be closer to tornado Alley and home.

Over the past several years, she’s tracked numerous twisters in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

The most powerful tornado that McDermed observed was an EF-4 tornado near Lyons, KS, in the year 2012.

jennifer mcdermed before weight lossMcDermed American journalist Jennifer McDermed is a meteorologist and weather forecaster.

She has a gorgeous, curvy body and tall, lovely blue eyes.

McDermed is frequently seen wearing short gowns and skirts, occasionally wearing slacks and a coat, all of which enhance her beauty and make her more alluring to look at.

McDermed isn’t just an obsession with all kinds of weather, but she also enjoys sports.

She is a fan of pick-up volleyball to basketball games and Crossfit.

And if you spot McDermed all over town, you’ll likely spot her in Chiefs or Royals equipment.

She joined KMBC TV/KCWE-TV in December 2015. You will see her forecasts in the evenings on weekdays.

Jennifer McDermed Age 

McDermed an age 31 years old in 2021. She was born and raised in Atchison, Kansas.

Jennifer McDermed Height

McDermed is 5 ‘ 5″ (1.65 millimeters) in height.

McDermed Fox 9 Parents

Her mother’s name isn’t widely recognized. Jennifer has two siblings: a brother named and Lauren McDermed.

Jennifer McDermed Husband

Mcdermed’s spouse isn’t widely identified. It’s unclear whether she’s engaged, dating, or has children.

But, the information will be updated when they are publicly available.

After graduating from Santa Clara University, he holds a mechanical engineering position at NASA Ames Research Center.

It seems that the McDermed kids acquired their dad’s intelligence.

She found the perfect partner for her outdoor adventures.

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Lauren McDermed and Mark McDermed

Jennifer McDermed had made up her mind to become a meteorologist from the very young age.

Lauren, and Mark McDermed, a younger brother, are her siblings.

Her dad is called Kevin McDermed and her mum is called Theresa McDermed.

Jennifer McDermed Salary

McDermed currently earns an average annual salary of $ 54,377 per year.

Through her various sources of income, we believe McDermed has made a decent income as a meteorologist and weather forecaster.

She is currently working for Fox 9 KMSP News Team.

Jennifer McDermed Net Worth

McDermed has estimated net worth of $1 million by 2021, which she accumulated through her job as a meteorologist and forecaster of weather in the newsroom of Fox 9 KMSP News Team.

Jennifer McDermed Weight Loss

McDermed looks quite good when she is broadcasting on TV.

However, the actual weight loss of McDermed’s and body measurements aren’t available.

McDermed appears tall with an ideal and curvy physique with gorgeous blue eyes.

She did’nt share much information about her weight loss.

Jennifer McDermed is typically found in short dresses and skirts and occasionally wearing fitted pants, making her even more stunning and gorgeous to behold.

Jennifer McDermed’s Education

After completing her high school education After completing her high school, the American journalist was offered the opportunity to be a part of St. Louis University in May 2013.

At the university, she excelled in her studies, earning herself the Master of Science in meteorology.

At the beginning of her education, her mind was set on a vision of what she wanted to accomplish.

Jennifer McDermed also had a desire in the subject of whether or not Jennifer McDermed could have a crystal clear idea of the path she would like to achieve in the future.

Jennifer McDermed Career

At the beginning of his life, in the early years, the American journalist had a goal, and that dream was to be a metrologist.

Following her graduation from St Louis University, Jennifer McDermed was offered the chance to join KQTV in St. Joseph.

Based on the vision that the American journalist could make a difference in his career, it was not long until the American journalist decided to leave her position with KQTV and joined WHO-TV 13’s weather group in Des Moines, IA.

The young journalist considered this an opportunity to advance her career and prepare herself for the top meteorologist she had always wanted to become.

WHO-TV was the right choice for her as it allowed her to learn more about the weather field and gain experience in the same.

Jennifer has followed numerous tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas over the past few years.

In 2015, the American metrologist again took the center on the stage following her departure from WHO-TV and moved on to join KMBC TV/KCWE-TV.

At the station she worked for, she was given a chance to provide weather coverage for the weekdays, mainly focusing on forecasts for the weather.

In 2018, she was back for Fox 9 KMSP News Team.

The station’s American reporter has always been eager to see her dream become a top therapist in America.

Jennifer McDermed has been at work for nearly three years now.

Jennifer McDermed Tattoo

After conducting our research, the details Jennifer’s tattoo aren’t known to the general public.

It is not established if McDermed has any tattoos on her body.

However, the information will be updated when it becomes accessible.

Jennifer McDermed Wedding

On October 1, 2022, Jennifer McDermed and Giovanni Minelli tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The couple shared their special day with family and friends, and they even had a website dedicated to their big day!

Photos from the wedding were shared on social media by Fox 9 Meteorologist McDermed, who posted a few sneak peeks of the event.

The couple also had a registry at Pottery Barn for those looking to give them a gift.

The wedding was a huge success, with Jennifer’s Fox 9 colleagues congratulating her on her new husband.

It was truly an unforgettable day for the newlyweds. Jennifer and Giovanni are now happily married and enjoying their life together as husband and wife.

They are sure to have many more happy years ahead of them!


Jennifer McDermed Wedding Photoshoot in Wedding Dress

Jennifer McDermed wedding photoshoot
Jennifer McDermed Wedding Photoshoot kissing husband
Jennifer McDermed Wedding Photoshoot with husband - Jennifer McDermed in wedding Dress
Jennifer McDermed in Wedding Dress with Husband

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Jennifer McDermed Latest Photoshoot with Husband Giovanni Minelli 2023

Jennifer McDermed with Husband latest Photoshoot
Jennifer McDermed Latest Photoshoot with Husband
Jennifer McDermed with Husband 2023 Photoshoot

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