Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid, commonly referred to by the name Joy Reid – is a host and national correspondent for MSNBC. She is one of the most popular hosts on the network. She hosts a top-rated morning show for MSNBC. She also wrote several books on her experiences with the American political system.

Her columns of analysis and commentary are featured in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, New York magazine, The Guardian, and The Miami Herald. She lives in New York with her husband, Jason, a documentary editor at Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel, and their three children. Here you’re going to read about Joy Reid weight loss surgery.

Joy Reid: Early Life and Family

Reid was born Joy-Ann L. Her mother’s father was an engineer in the Congo. His mother worked as a college professor and nutritionist from British Columbia, Canada, who met at the University of Iowa while they were studying in graduate school.

When Joy was a young girl, her parents’ divorce occurred, and her father went back home to Congo. She was then raised with her sister and brother in Denver, Colorado; however, when Joy was 17 years old, her mother passed away from cancer. She then relocated to Flatbush, New York City, to live with her aunt.

Reid went to Harvard University, where she initially was interested in pre-med; however, she eventually pursued her passion for journalism after graduating in 1991 with a degree in film.

Joy Reid Career

Reid was able to begin her professional career in journalism when she quit her job with a business consultancy firm in 1997. She then began working on the WSVN Channel 7 morning show in Florida. Then, in 2003, she was chosen as a fellow of the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism.

In the 2004 presidential election, Reid was the Florida deputy director of communications in the 527 “America Coming Together” initiatives for the Democratic presidential campaign. Later, in 2006 she was the host of “Wake Up, South Florida,” a morning talk show that aired in Miami, Florida. Reid served as a press advisor for Obama’s Florida campaign in 2008.

In 2011 she was the editor-in-chief for “The Grio” and, as well as a columnist for The Miami Herald, and launched as the editor of her political blog “The Reid Report.”

In 2014 and 2015, Reid was a guest host on her private show on cable news that was also dubbed “The Reid Report,” but it was pulled after a single season. In the year following, in 2015, she was appointed the national correspondent of MSNBC, and in 2016, she was the host for “AM Joy,” a morning talk show on the political scene on MSNBC that soon turned into one of MSNBC’s highest watched morning shows on the network.

She released her book “Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide.” She also served as co-editor of “We Are the Change We Seek the Speeches of Barack Obama.”

The Joy Reid Weight Loss Surgery Success Story Joy Reid underwent a successful weight loss procedure in February of this year. After years of struggle with her weight gain, she was in a position to get the help she required to restore her life to the path.

After discussing the choices with her physician, she chose to go through the gastric sleeve operation. The surgery went well, and she lost significant weight. She was also capable of keeping the weight off following the procedure and has been able to keep her weight loss in the last year.

Joy can now relax and enjoy life without worrying over her body weight. She can now go out and spend time with her family and friends without worrying about her size. Her story is an example of the effectiveness of weight-loss surgery and the necessity of choosing the right doctor to assist you in reaching your goals.

Joy Reid before weight loss photos and journey

Joy Reid weight loss surgery

How Joy Reid Lost Weight and Got surgery

If Joy Reid started gaining weight in her early twenties, she was unsure how to proceed. She was embarrassed about her appearance and was reluctant to reveal it to anyone. It was not until Reid began going to a therapist that she began dealing with her food issues.

Reid realized she had problems overeating and had to start counting calories and working out. After changing her habits, Reid lost a significant amount of weight. She had an operation to eliminate her thyroid, and her cholesterol levels rose. Joy is pleased with her physical appearance and is better able to feel comfortable in public.

Joy Reid struggled with her weight for a long time before she finally decided to undergo weight reduction surgery. She’d tried diet or exercise routines; however, it simply wasn’t losing weight in a sufficient amount for her. After some investigation, she determined that surgery for weight loss was the most suitable option for her.

It could help you shed significant weight quickly and maintain it off. It also helps to lower the risk of developing other health issues like diabetes. The advantages associated with weight reduction surgery are worth considering if struggling to shed weight. If you want to invest in weight reduction surgery, consult your doctor about the available options.

The Complications of Joy Reid Weight Loss Surgery

Joy Reid had been struggling with her weight for a long time. She tried every available diet plan and exercise routine; however, no one seemed to help. After a while, in March of this year, she decided to undergo weight reduction surgery. The procedure was successful, and Reid lost an average of over 60 pounds. But losing weight didn’t end there.

Joy Reid was also afflicted with various other issues in the aftermath of her operation. The problems included a severely infected hernia and the formation of a blood clot.

In the present, Reid is returning to her weight before surgery and is struggling with the effects of the weight reduction surgery. She’s not sure whether she’ll be able back to work and is concerned about the health risks that will come with the longevity of her surgery.

Before the weight-loss surgery, Joy Reid was a size 20 and struggled with her weight issues for many years. She knew she had to figure out how to shed pounds and boost her overall health; however, she wasn’t sure how to begin. After much study, she concluded that weight loss surgery was the ideal choice for her. After the surgery, Joy Reid lost a total of 75 pounds.

Joy Reid met her ambition of losing some weight and improving her overall health and is now at a size 12. Joy reid also happier and more confident about her physique than ever. Joy Reid has recommended weight-loss surgery for anyone trying to shed weight and feel satisfied c xabout their body.

The Aftermath of Joy Reid Weight Loss Surgery

Doctors believe the procedure was successful, and Joy Reid looks excellent. But, the experience has taken its strain on the ex- MSNBC host, and she’s still recovering. Joy Reid has shed a considerable amount of weight, and she is adapting to her new body. Joy Reid not ready to resume work but is hopeful that she will return to work within the next few weeks that to Expect After Joy Reid’s Weight Loss Surgery

Joy Reid underwent weight reduction surgery on 16 January on 16 January 2019. She posted a picture of her post-surgery via her Instagram account and posted: “I feel amazing and so excited to start my new life as my true self.”

Following the procedure, Joy shared a photo of herself in the recovery area with an accompanying caption: “The best part of this whole process was waking up in the recovery room with my family by my side.” She said, “I’m so grateful to undergo this procedure, and I can’t wait to see the outcomes.

I hope that by telling my experience, I will help other people struggling with weight gain more confidence in receiving the assistance they require.” Joy’s procedure was a success, and she’s beginning to feel the advantages. The recovery process will be lengthy and painful however, she’s sure she will be able to make it through.

Joy Reid before and after weight loss journey

The Recovery Process After Joy Reid’s Weight Loss Surgery

The moment Joy Reid announced she had undergone surgery to shed pounds; Joy became thrilled and optimistic. After months of preparation, the procedure was successful, and she was ready to begin reestablishing her life. The initial weeks after the process were challenging.

A support group for those who have had weight loss surgery and was capable of sharing her experiences and progress. Joy Reid was thrilled to begin the weight loss process again and the second time with a strategy.

Joy Reid is determined to adhere to her fitness and diet regimen and was thrilled to see her results begin to appear. The clothes started to look better, and she felt comfortable. However, becoming a fit and happy person isn’t simple.

There always are difficulties on the path, but with the help of her family and friends, Joy was able to beat the obstacles. Now, Joy is happy and healthy and thankful for the healing process following her.

Surprising Truths About how Joy Reid lose weight

Joy Reid’s weight lost surgery, it is important to introduce the personality of Joy. Joy Reid underwent weight loss surgery in the last quarter of 2017. The procedure was a huge success, and she shed an impressive amount of weight. But there are some interesting facts about her weight loss procedure that you didn’t know about.

  • The procedure was not straightforward. The system was not transparent and was not an easy process. Joy Reid had to undergo general anesthesia. Joy also had to use a lot of pain medicine. She also required many stitches and was embarrassed for quite a while following the procedure.
  • Reid attended Harvard University before deciding to follow her passion for journalism. She earned a degree in cinema in 1991.
  • Joy Reid  shed quite a bit of weight. Reid lost around 60 pounds following the operation, and she was content with the outcome. She stated that she felt better emotionally and physically following the procedure and was extremely satisfied with the process.
  • The surgery didn’t alter her character. Reid affirms that she is the same person before and after the surgery.

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    Living a Joyful Life After Weight Loss Surgery

    After years of trying to lose weight and struggling to keep my weight, I finally decided to go through weight reduction surgery. I was thrilled to reduce the weight and lead an enjoyable life eventually! The procedure was successful, and I lost 75 pounds. I was pleased with my slimmer figure and felt like I was finally taken off my shoulders.

    I was thrilled to finally live my life to the fullest and not worry about my weight. However, when I began to return to my routine, I soon discovered that I was unhappy about my body weight.

    I was trying to keep my weight in check and was beginning to feel down. I decided to adopt an entirely new approach and began to concentrate on having enjoyment. I started going out with my friends and having fun in my life. I had finally found joy in my life following weight loss surgery. I was so content.


    A Twitter user shared posts written by Reid from her blog “The Reid Report,” made from 2007 until 2009. The posts mocked gays and accused some celebrities of being gay but claimed to be straight to gain political gains. In the beginning, Joy Reid claimed that the posts were not her own and initiated an investigation to determine whether her blog was compromised.

    After an examination, it was found there wasn’t any hacking, and the posts were taken from her blog.

    The following year, more of the posts on her blog surfaced. These posts discussed the relocation issue for Jews in Israel and an image of the (now deceased) senator John McCain. Joy apologized formally for the posts, claimed she regretted her comments and was more mature today than I was 10 years back.

    There are things I truly regret and am ashamed of and things I wish I had made different statements and situations in which my position has changed. Today I’m deeply sorry and sincerely apologize. She once shared hosting duties for the MSNBC talk show The Reid Report.

    She also served as the liberal news’ political director. Joy Reid started her career as a journalist in 1997 after leaving a position at a business consulting firm to work for a morning show on Florida’s WSVN Channel 7.

    Despite the controversy and criticism from supporters and groups, MSNBC has supported its reporter throughout the accusations and the coverage. They think they don’t reflect the professional and individual Reid has been working for the network over the last decade.

    Reid additionally served as a press assistant for Florida’s 2008 presidential campaign Barack Obama. She started and ran her political blog, “The Reid Report,” and served as managing editor of “The Grio” and in 2011. She also edited her own political blog for the Miami Herald. In 2014–2015, Reid briefly hosted “The Reid Report,” a cable news programme cancelled after one season.

    Joy Reid interesting weight loss story

    Joy Reid Workout Routine

    Nationwide journalist Joy Reid might not follow an exact diet or workout plans, but she’s open to new ways of helping her lose fat.

    Safe weight loss pills are the best way to take them, not many people are as concerned about their negative side effects, while others doubt their effectiveness.

    Additionally, she is maintained and doesn’t need to work as much as she did in the beginning.

    New York native Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid was born on 8 December 1968 in the family of a professor at a college mom from Guyana and an engineer dad from Congo.

    Despite being from African routes and having a common language, they came together in Iowa and began their journey together as they decided for their 3 children to be Methodists. She was never close to her dad since he was out of state because of his job. However, reality brought them closer when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 17.

    Then, Joy Reid relocated to New York with her aunt and began an entirely new phase in her life by pursuing film studies and graduating with a degree from Harvard University.

    The majority African-American community assisted her in getting immersed in her culture. She was able to pay tuition and bills with part-time work.

    The experience set her up for the future because she realized she could live independently.

    The Net Worth and the Social Media

    Reid has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, according to estimates by reliable sources. Reid and her partner share an estate in Pembrook Pines, in Florida, as well as an apartment in Manhattan’s exclusive Roosevelt Island. Reid has more than 200,000 followers on Facebook, over 100,000 on Instagram, and 1.3 million followers on Twitter.

    Joy Reid’s Weight Loss Journey & Family

    Joy’s weight was an issue when she was a reporter for a large news organization.

    Joy Reid refused to let her size get in any way to her achievements. Instead, she started an intense exercise regimen to shed weight. Eventually, she achieved a weight loss of over 10 pounds.

    When Joy was still young, her parents divorced, and her father returned to the Congo. With her brother and sister, Joy was raised in Denver, Colorado, but when she was 17, her mother passed away from cancer, and she moved to Flatbush, New York City, to live with an aunt.

    In addition to her professional achievements, Joy’s family life is also blossoming.

    Her husband is Jason Reid, the father of her children. Discovery Channel previously employed Jason Reid. Discovery Channel as a documentary filmmaker.

    Joy and Jason married more than two decades ago, on 27 February 1997. Their marriage has been long-lasting, and the couple has three beautiful children. Their family includes their two sons, Jmar Reid and Nasir Reid, as well as one daughter, who is named Winsome.

    FAQs about Joy Reid Weight Loss Surgery

    Who is Joy Reid?

    The actress is an acclaimed TV host //and a national reporter for MSNBC. Before joining MSNBC, she was an editor in charge of The Grio, a show canceled in 2014.

    How old is Joy Reid?

    The actress is an American born on 8 December 1968 in Brooklyn, NY.

    How tall is Joy Reid?

    Reid has 5 feet nine inches (1.75 m) and weighs 58kg.

    Is Joy Reid married?

    Yes, Joy Reid engaged to Jason Reid. They have three children.

    What's the net worth of Joy Reid worth?

    Reid is estimated to have a total net worth of $4.5 million. The amount is derived from her leadership positions in the world of journalism.

    How much does Joy Reid make?

    Based on our estimates of the average wage for journalists in the United States, Reid receives an annual salary of $ 24,292 to $ 72,507, which translates into an hourly rate of between 10.15 and $13.32. 31.32.

    What was the method used to help Joy Reid lose weight?

    She lost weight through surgery and a change in her diet.

    Where does Joy Reid live?

    Due to security concerns, she hasn’t revealed the exact location of her residence. We will promptly make any necessary changes if we learn of the place or photos of her house.

    Does Joy Reid dead or alive?

    She is healthy, in good health. And in excellent health. There has been no evidence that she was sick or had any health issues.

    Is Joy Reid sick?

    Joy Reid was not just afflicted with Whooping Cough but also from an enlargement of blood in her brain, but she is completely recovered.

    Is Joy Reid a Delta?

    Yes, she is a member of The Delta Heritage Foundation.

    Where is Joy Reid Now?

    Joy Reid is currently pursuing a professional career in journalism. She has worked as a host on television and as a national correspondent for MSNBC since the year 2016.

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