Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley is an American hip-hop singer and actor best known for being one-third of the rap group The Fat Boys.

At the age of 19/20, he realized he had reached a peak weight of 330 pounds and decided to make a change.

Through dedication and hard work, he was able to lose 175 pounds and get down to his current weight of 185 pounds.

In this blog post, we will explore the journey of Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley weight loss and how he achieved such an impressive feat of weight loss.

We will also look at his net worth, family life, and other interesting facts about him. So if you’re interested in learning more about this rap icon’s inspiring journey, read on!

Kool rock ski Damon Wimbley Before weight loss

Who is Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley?

Damon Wimbley is a profound member of an American hip-hop band and an actor. The band was originally named hypnotized five but later gained its fame with the name “The Fat Boys,” also known as “Disco 3”.

His stage name is “Kool Rock Ski.”

He was a renowned rapper in the 1980s, and his hip-hop band made gold records.

Damon Wimbley and his band members Mark Anthony Morales, whose stage name is “Prince Markiee Dee,” and another member Darren Robinson whose stage name is “Human beatbox,” was his childhood friends.

Damon Wimbley Education/Family and Martial Status?

Damon Wimbley was born on 4th November 1966 in the USA. He graduated from LaGuardia Community College.

Damon Wimbley and his other members became famous in his teenage years. He has loved singing and dancing since childhood, and he has formed a band with his other two friends. He is now 56 years old, fit, and healthy.

He is a celebrity and the heart of every 80s kid still. He is a living legend, but despite all this, he keeps his family off-screen from the mainstream.

His family, siblings, and marital status are unknown. But all we know is that Darren and Mark are both like brothers to him. He spent his childhood and adulthood with both of them.

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Damon Wimbley Nationality, Height and Weight

Kool Rock Ski has an American nationality. When he was a teenager, he gained too much weight, but in 1987, he decided to lose weight and still goes to the gym regularly.

He has black eyes, and a muscular man looks younger than his age. You mostly see him chewing gum during interviews or any gathering. He is a chill guy, making him the coolest of all.

Due to obesity, his height seems to be less, but when he works out, he has a perfect body. His height is 5’8 inches which is excellent and ideal. His weight is 185 pounds which are 68kg. He is serious about his diet and weight.

Doug E Fresh Inspired Damon and His Members

He had a great childhood, singing, dancing, and rapping, and at that time, they were not familiar with famous rapper artist Doug E Fresh.

Although he is a favorite American rapper, Damon and his friends still know about their Neighbour rappers and have a hip-hop rap battle with them.

They enjoyed themselves a lot and became famous in secondary school. Damon Wimbley even don’t know exactly how much money he earns.

Damon Wimbley Before weight loss photos

Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley Weight Loss

Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley is an American hip-hop artist and one-third of the legendary rap group, The Fat Boys.

At 20 years old, Wimbley maxed his weight to 330 pounds, making it difficult for him to perform day-to-day activities.

However, he was determined to make a change and started his weight loss journey.

Damon Wimbley’s weight loss journey began with a strict diet plan and intense workout routine. He cut out all unhealthy foods from his diet and replaced them with nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

For exercise, he focused on strength training exercises such as dumbbell curls, barbell curls, hammer curls and preacher curls. He also incorporated cardio into his routine by running or biking for 30 minutes each day.

In addition to his diet and exercise regimen, Wimbley also made sure to get enough restful sleep every night.

He believed that getting enough sleep was essential for maintaining energy levels throughout the day and aiding in muscle recovery after workouts.

After months of hard work and dedication to his health goals, Damon Wimbley was able to lose an impressive 175lbs! His transformation has been an inspiration to many people who are looking to make a change in their own lives.

He continues to share tips on how he achieved success with others through social media posts and interviews.

Overall, Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley’s incredible weight loss journey serves as proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

With dedication and consistency anyone can achieve their health goals no matter how big or small they may be.

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How Did Damon Wimbley Lose Weight?

Darren Robinson and Wimbley are both fats in their teenage years, as seen in their hip-hop rap videos. Damson Wimbley was so fat that he couldn’t even bend to tie his shoe.

He realized this when he was in Canada and decided to lose weight; his mother helped him in this journey.

At the age of 20, Damon Wimbley maxed out at his peak weight of 330 pounds. He experienced great difficulty even while performing day-to-day activities like tying his shoes or walking up stairs.

After realizing that he needed to make a change, Wimbley decided to take control of his health and began his weight loss journey

Wimbley started by making small changes in his diet and lifestyle. He cut out processed foods, added more fruits and vegetables to his meals, and began exercising regularly.

He also incorporated strength training into his routine, focusing on exercises such as dumbbell curls, barbell curls, hammer curls, preacher curls and more.

In addition to diet and exercise, Wimbley also made sure to get enough rest each night. This allowed him to stay energized throughout the day and keep up with his new healthy habits.

With dedication and hard work, Wimbley was able to reach his goal weight of 167 pounds in just a few years.

Today, Wimbley is an inspiration for many who want to make a change in their lives. His story proves that it is possible to lose weight if you are willing to put in the effort and stay consistent with your goals.

Damon Wimbley After weight loss

Why is Damon So Keen on Fitness?

He is very keen when it comes to diet planning and workout. He maintained his weight and started workout in 1987 till now.

He believes a man should always have an active mind with great fitness. When it comes to his 30s, a man can’t eat most of the food in the same quantity as in his early years. And need to counter his attention toward his health.

Damon Wimbley Weight Loss Diet Plan

Damon Wimbley, best known as Kool Rock Ski from the iconic rap group The Fat Boys, has made headlines for his incredible weight loss journey.

After reaching a staggering 330 pounds at the age of 19/20, Wimbley decided to make a change and get healthy. He began following a strict diet and exercise regimen that helped him shed over 175 pounds in just a few years.

Wimbley’s diet plan consists of eating mostly lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and turkey, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. He also avoids processed foods and sugary drinks.

To stay motivated, he sets small goals for himself each week to keep him on track. For example, he might aim to drink more water or eat more vegetables each day.

In addition to his diet plan, Wimbley also follows an intense workout routine that includes strength training and cardio exercises like running and biking.

He also incorporates yoga into his routine to help him stay flexible and focused on his goals.

The results of Wimbley’s hard work have been remarkable; not only has he lost an impressive amount of weight but he has also gained muscle mass and improved his overall health.

His transformation has inspired many people around the world who are looking to make similar changes in their lives.

If you’re looking to follow in Damon Wimbley’s footsteps and embark on your own weight loss journey, it’s important to remember that consistency is key. Stick with your diet plan and exercise routine even when it gets tough; eventually you’ll start seeing results if you stay committed!

Kool Rock-Ski Damon Wimbley after weight loss photos

Damon Wimbley Workout Routine

He goes to the gym regularly, does treadmills, and goes through everything. He loves to have black coffee and a lot of water to drink.

He believes a man should go to the gym at least in his spare time as a gym or workout never hurts a man. Fitness and health are the treasures in man’s life.

Wimbley Workout to Lessen the Emotional Pain

Although in 1987, he realized the importance of fitness, as time went on, he lost her closest friends from childhood which was great suffering for him. Prince Markiee died in his early 50s, and Darren Robinson died at 28yrs of age.

Wimbley has a strong connection with them, and sometimes it’s hard for a home to suffer this pain, so he goes to the gym to clear the emotional pain he is going with. His goal is to spread positivity and give the best advice to people, so he joined the group “Certified Nation Entertainment.”

Damon Wimbley Before and After weight loss

Damon Wimbley is conscious of his health and fitness. He lost 79 kg of weight. In his past videos during his career in the 1980s, he was too fat and looked unhealthy.

But a wake-up call to lose weight emerged in Canada, so he decided to change his body shape by losing weight.

They go on many tours; his band is in demand, and he gets tired quickly because of too much weight.

He was inspired by the results when he observed that his body was shedding off weight, so he gets more charged and gets more workouts done. He opts for a role in many movies also.

Where is Damon Wimbley Now, and is he Still Alive?

He is now in New York and the only surviving “The Fat Boys” music band member. He joined the team of Uncle Louie Production management. He also aligned with a group called “Certified Nation Entertainment.”

He is the only surviving legend of an old hip-hop rapping band. But the other two legends are alive in the heart of their fans.

Damon is a strong man; although he kept all his family private and could not keep the depth and emotional bonding with his childhood friend, they spent all his life with both of them, and they were part of his family and memories of a successful career.

Damon Wimbley Before weight loss transormation

Damon Wimbley Now

Damon Wimbley, better known as Kool Rock-Ski, is an American rapper and actor who rose to fame in the early 1980s as a member of the hip hop trio The Fat Boys. After the group disbanded in 1995, Wimbley continued to pursue his career in music and acting.

Today, Wimbley is still actively involved in the music industry. He has released several solo albums and has collaborated with other artists on various projects. He also continues to perform live shows around the world.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Wimbley is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where he shares updates about his life and music career.

Wimbley’s net worth is estimated at $400 thousand dollars, largely due to his success in the music industry over the years. He has been able to maintain a successful career despite changing trends in hip hop culture over time.

Overall, Damon Wimbley remains a prominent figure in the hip hop community today. His influence can be seen through his work both as a solo artist and as part of The Fat Boys.

He continues to make waves in the industry with new projects and collaborations that keep fans engaged and excited for what comes next from this legendary artist.

Damon Wimbley’s Net worth

Damon Wimbley and his band are the greatest in the hip-hop genre. They get lots of fame and wealth that Damon can’t remember the amount of money he still earns.

Disco 3 has gold records in most of their released hip-hop albums, including: Big and beautiful, Ft boys are back, and the best of fat boys. The first album was ” crush grooving.” He is also an actor in many movies, like a knight of the city, red eyes, Disorderliness, and Price of glory. His net worth is between $3- $4 million.

Kool Rock Ski Damon Wimbley after weight loss transformation

Damon Wimbley List of Songs

Damon Wimbley is an American rapper and hip-hop artist who has released several popular songs over the years. His most famous songs include “Wipe Out!”, “Can You Feel It”, “Fat Boys Are Back”, “Jail House Rap”, and “Stick ‘Em”. All of these songs have been featured on various albums and compilations, and have become staples in the hip-hop genre.

In addition to his solo work, Damon Wimbley has also collaborated with other artists such as Prince Markie Dee, Darren Robinson, and The Beach Boys. His collaborations have resulted in some of his most successful songs, including the classic hit “Wipe Out!” which was a collaboration between Fat Boys and The Beach Boys.

Damon Wimbley’s music is widely available on streaming services such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Shazam. Fans can also find his discography on websites such as SecondHandSongs and RYM (RateYourMusic).

No matter what your taste in music is, there’s something for everyone in Damon Wimbley’s discography. From classic hits to modern bangers, it’s easy to see why he’s one of the most beloved hip-hop artists around today.

FAQs about Damon Wimbley Kool Rock Ski Weight Loss

Is Damon on drugs?

No, he is not involved in drugs. He goes to the gym regularly. He is conscious of his health.

Is Damon Wimbley still alive?

Yes, he lives in New York, mostly out of the mainstream media but recently, he was in an interview.

The Fat Boys Band was first called Hypnotized five.

Firstly, there are five members, but they never come to practice, so these three of them exclude those members and make a band called Disco 3.

Which is the worst-selling album of his band?

His album On and on is the worst-selling album because of poor management, and it’s 175 on the Billboard chart.

What inspires Damon to lose weight?

While traveling in Canada in 1987, he could not tie his shoelace. He finds it very disturbing not to bend easily to tie a shoelace. It’s a wake-up call for him to lose weight.

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