Protein is very important for your body.  It makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin, and hormones of your body. Your body needs a sufficient amount of protein to maintain and repair the tissues. Moreover, children need more proteins for growth. High Protein Foods are the best source to eat sufficient amounts of proteins required by your body.

One study published by The American Journal of clinical Nutrition showed that eating high protein foods can help you lose weight and belly fat. The study also recommended that protein rich foods help to increase your muscle mass and strength (1, 2).

You will find here a list of 8 delicious foods that are high in protein that are available online for your ease.

Health Benefits of High Protein Foods

  • High protein low fat foods help to build muscle mass and strength. (1, 2)
  • If you are following any weight loss diet or weight loss pills, adequate protein intake can help to prevent muscle mass loss. (3, 4, 5)
  • Protein intake helps to improve your bones’ health. Studies show that the people having sufficient intake of proteins have lower risks of having osteoporosis and fractures. (6, 7, 8)
  • Foods with protein help to maintain bone strength and bone mass. (9, 10)
  • Foods high in protein help to reduce cravings and snacking. (11)
  • High protein intake helps to boost metabolism. (12, 13, 14)
  • Protein rich food helps to create thermic effects in your body which causes more fats burn and consume more energy. (15, 16)
  • High protein diet helps to control your blood pressure and reduce bad cholestrol levels. (17, 18)
  • Protein rich diets help to lose weight and support to maintain healthy body weight. (19, 20, 21)
  • Foods that are good sources of protein support natural recovery after injury. (22, 23)
  • High Protein Diet help to reduce age-related health problems like muscle weakness and age-related muscle deterioration. (24, 25)

Can You Lose Weight with High Protein Food?

One research published on U.S. National Library of Medicine highlighted the importance of High Protein Foods for weight loss. The research involving 1,209 overweight / obese people concluded that high protein foods help to lose weight fast than low protein foods. Weight loss meals that are high in proteins boost your metabolism which helps to burn the intake calories.

Moreover, you have read the health benefits of High Protein Foods in the above section. Protein rich foods help to;

  • control appetite,
  • reduce cravings, and
  • burning more body fats.

All these phenomena help you to lose weight fast. This is the reason that high protein foods are the best to lose weight and to have a successful weight maintenance.

List of Best High Protein Foods

Now you will find the best high protein foods available online that surely help to lose weight fast. You can order any of them online and it will be delivered at your door step. Continue reading……

(1/8) BistroMD – High Proteins Diet Plans for Healthy Weight Loss

BistroMD is a High Protein Food provider with a home delivery service. Dr. Cederquist is the founder of BistroMD. She provides the weight loss meals to fulfill their weight loss needs. So, with the 20 years of real success, she is on a mission to help the people to achieve their weight loss results. So, she has a slogan ‘healthy weight loss delivered’.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

BistroMD offers the following Plans regarding High Protein Weight Loss Meal Plans:

Plan 1. Women’s Weight Loss Program

High Protein Foods are cooked while keeping the minimum required proteins for women. Read More

Plan 2. Men’s Weight Loss Program

Each day’s meals for men contain around 1,100 to 1,400 calories. It is important that  40-50% come from lean protein, 20-25% from healthy fats, and 30-35% percent from complex carbohydrates. So it’s ideal for men (taking in around 1,500 calories per day) to lose weight in a healthy way.  Read More

Plan 3. Heart Healthy Weight Loss Program

More than 100 meals are prepared according to the recommendations of American Heart Association (AHA). So, all these surely contain less than 600mg of Sodium and less than 3.5 grams of saturated fat per serving. Read More

Plan 4. Gluten Free Weight Loss Program

Gluten Free foods have many benefits for those with Celiac disease. These meals are also tested to the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Authority) standard and don’t contain wheat, rye, or barley. Read More

Plan 5. Diabetic Friendly Weight Loss Program

All the meals on the bistroMD diabetic program contain 25 grams or less of net carbohydrates. These also follow the recommendations for people with diabetes to consume a consistent amount of carbohydrates at each meal. Read More

Plan 6. Vegetarian Weight Loss Program

Whatever your reasons are for following a vegetarian diet, bistroMD has covered you for weight loss. Their vegetarian plans feature plentiful plant-based ingredients as well as seafood, eggs, and dairy. This allows for their plans to meet the needs of the widest set of people following vegetarian diets. Some might call these plans flexitarian, and that is also an accurate description. Read More

Plan 7. Menopause Weight Loss Program

Menopause brings hormonal changes to a female’s body that may be the cause of being fatty or being overweight. This program has been carefully designed to provide the lean protein and a controlled amount of complex carbohydrates. Read More

    • Variety of Meals: Besides the above mentioned weight loss programs, they also offer many delicious healthy meals.
    • Delivery Service at Your Door-step: They deliver healthy meals at your door-step and especially first week delivery is free.
    • Current PromotionGet 25% OFF plus Free Shipping on your first order!

Does BistroMD High Protein Foods Really Work?

BistroMD has a good traffic on the official website. More than 100K people visit their website monthly.On Facebook also, it has more than 140K likes and followers.

The best way to check the performance of any product is to check the response or reviews from the verified users.

Verified Reviews of bistroMD are available on TrustPilot and official website.

939 Reviews from Customers are available on its website. 73% Customers gave 5 Stars and 24% gave 4 Stars. So, it means 97% customers are very happy from the weight loss meals of BistroMD. Many customers have reported their success for losing their weight.

BistroMD has also 352 Reviews on TrustPilot. TrsutPilot has ranked bistroMD as a ‘Great’ product.

Following are some of the reviews from its Customers.

BistroMD has a number of Success Stories of their customers who were able to lose weight fast. You can visualize: if others can lose weight with BistroMD Weight Loss Meals then Why Can’t You Too!

100lb Lost


Phil Success Story

55lb Lost


Cindy Success Story

50lb Lost


Lisa Success Story

40lb Lost


Chris Success Story

BistroMD offers very affordable Weight Loss Meal packages. Start your Weight Loss goal with BistroMD and Become a Success Story like many other people.

Dr. Kellyann – Bone Broth Expert, Weight Loss & Diet Specialist

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. Her other books; Bone Broth Cookbook, and The 10-Day Belly Slimdown, are also very famous. She is also host of PBS specials, 21 Days to a Slimmer, Younger You and The 10-Day Belly Slimdown. She also has a regular appearance on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Kellyann has a community of 132,536 likes and 131,350 followers on Facebook. She has also 45,800 followers on Instagram and 16,400 followers on Twitter. The large number of her followers and public likes give some indications about her products’ credibility and public’s trust.

Toxicant and Detoxification

Dr. Kellyann has a special focus on Detoxification in the body. Detoxification is a process of breaking toxins in our body. Toxins Intake Unavoidable Now these days we can not avoid toxins intake. These toxins are entered in our body in many ways. Our body’s natural detoxification process break these chemicals (toxicants) that prevents from their harmful effects. The problem is started when body fails to detoxify these toxicants and these toxicants negatively affect our body.

You will also read below how toxicants resist your goal to lose weight fast.

Toxins and Your Health

Do you know that you take chemicals and toxins through air pollution, many vegetables and meat? Some are the beneficial for your body but many of them are also very dangerous for your body.

‘U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ and CDC published ‘Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals’. That report mentioned more than 90 Chemicals which are widely spread in the U.S. environment. These chemicals are more or less present in your body. Any increase of any chemical becomes a dangerous toxicant that may cause harm to your body. CDC is an U.S Government Department that stands for ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’.1

‘Interdisciplinary Toxiclology’ published a research report on U.S National library of Medicine. That research mentioned some metals and their effects on that human body. It also proved that the toxins may cause a lot of danger to your health. 2

Toxins and Weight Gain

The Toxins are also a major cause of weight gain. As a result, these toxins become a major cause of failure of many weight loss programs. The reason is very simple that toxins are present in every organ and in every cell of your body. When your body fails to detoxify these toxins naturally then your body stores these toxins. One detailed study explained that adipose tissues are the main sites for toxicants’ accumulation. Fat burning diets or supplements try to burn your body fats but fails to hit and break fat cells. Therefore, fats are not reduced in your body. 34

‘Italian Journal of Pediatrics’ published a research that concluded as there is a direct relationship in toxic environment and obesity. It means if toxins are increasing in your body you will surely gain more and more weight. 5

‘Environmental Health Perspectives’ also published a research report that Adipose Tissues (Fat cells) are affected by toxicants. ‘Journal of Environmental and Public Health’ also explained the mechanism of toxicants’ effects on weight gain. ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York)’ published a research paper in 2002. That research presented a hypothesis that human body’s exposure to chemicals may damage the body’s natural weight control mechanisms. One research explained many factors causing obesity and weight gain. That research especially focused that there are more than 20 chemicals which cause long-term weight gain. 6, 7, 8, 9


Role of Cleansing Diets for Detoxfication

Journal of Lifestyle Medicine’ published a research study on U.S National Library of Medicine in 2016. According to that study, dietary intake of detoxification and cleansing supplements have a positive result to reduce toxicants. Cleansing diets can also prevent from the adverse effects of toxins in your body and help to lose the weight fast. 10

(2/8) The Cleanse and Reset Just in 5-Days

Detoxify, Nourish, and Restore Your Body for sustained Weight Loss in just 5-Days.

This cleanse is rich in collagen and bone broth; the clean proteins that heal your cells as they also satisfy your hunger. This cleanse is low in carbs and sugar, so it gets you off the blood sugar roller coaster that causes cravings. It also has the nutrients that sweep out toxins, transforming your cells from sluggish to super-charged.


Does This Cleanse and Reset Really Work To Lose Weight Fast?

To confirm the actual results of this Cleanse and Reset, we will look towards customer reviews available on the Amazon. Reviews from the customers will also give a real insight about results of cleanse and reset to lose your weight fast. So, 83% Customers on the Amazon gave 5 stars to this book. A Remarkable Response! A Great Trust & Appreciation!

“It was unbelievable to me that I could lose weight, lose inches, not feel hungry, and gain focus and glowly skin.”

– Fredrika McDonald

“When you don’t feel good on the inside you can’t feel beautifil on the outside. This has changed my life. I feel fantastic.”

– Donna Delonay

The Cleanse and Reset Customer Reviews - Donna

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Get a break from Cooking & have professionally prepared products for Your 5-Day Cleanse & Reset.

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(3/8) 10-Day Belly Slimdown

Lose your belly, heal your gut, and enjoy a lighter, younger you!

Visceral Fat or Abdominal Fat is the fat on your waist line or belly. It is more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat that is located under your whole body skin. The Belly fat is a collection of the subcutaneous fats and the fats located near the inner organs. The Belly fat is a real danger for your health because it represents the fats located around your inner organs. For example, the fats stored near your liver, stomach, intestines and other organs located in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal Fats and Health Risks

Yonsei Medical Journal published a research study regarding the relationship of fats in the body and the Diabetes. Many studies concluded that the visceral fat mass is strongly associated with the diabetes. The reason of this relationship is the role of visceral fats in the insulin resistance and the chronic inflammation. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The Journal of American Heart Association published a report that the belly fat increases the risks of the heart diseases and stroke. The Journal of American College of Cardiology also concluded that the hidden abdomen fat caused the Heart diseases. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


Low Carbs Diets to Lose Abdominal Fats

The Journal of Nutrition published an 8-week study. It included 69-overweight men and women. That study concluded that the people who followed a low carbs diet lost 10% more visceral fat than those on low-fat diet. Many other researches also supported that diets with the low carbohydrates help to reduce visceral fat. One study by Metabolism Journal also concluded with the same results. 18, 19, 20, 21


Does This 10-Day Belly Slim Down Really Work To Lose Belly Fats?

To confirm the actual results of this 10-Day Belly Slim Down, we will look towards the customer reviews available on the Amazon. The Feedback from the customers will also give the assurance about results of cleanse and reset to lose weight fast.

Following are some of the Customers’ Reviews.

Buy this Customer-Proven 10-Day Belly Slim Down for Your Natural Sustained Weight Loss and Become a Success Story

Get a break from Cooking & have professionally prepared products for Your 10-Day Belly Slim Down.

Buy 10-Day Belly Slim Down Bundle Just for $109, Recipe Book is also included. You just need to add Water. Buy Now

(4/8) Collagen Bone Broth Diet – High Protein Foods

Lose up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches in just 21 days.

You will learn how bone broth works and also how to lose weight fast and easily, without cravings and hunger pains. It has with fat-burning nutrients, skin-tightening collagen components, and gut-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Bone broth is the key to looking and feeling younger than ever before. In just 21 days, you can lose weight fast with delicious bone broth recipes and groundbreaking mini-fasting plan.


Does This High Proteins Bone Broth Diet Really Work?

To confirm the actual results of this Bone Broth Diet, we will also look towards customer reviews available on Amazon. Reviews from the customers will give real insight about results of Bone Broth Diet to lose weight fast. So, 65% Customers on Amazon gave 5 stars and 13% gave 4 stars to this book. A Great Trust & Appreciation!

Following are some of the Customers’ Reviews.

Are you ready to improve your health, lose weight, and look younger?

Get a break from Cooking & have professionally prepared products for Your 21-Day Bone Broth Diet.

Buy 21-Day Bone Broth Diet Product Bundle Just for $119, Recipe Book included. You just need to add Water. Buy Now

(5/8) Fresh Meal Plan – Protein Rich Foods at Your Door Step

They provide the high protein foods to stay healthy and fit in continuance of your weight loss goal. Their Ketogenic foods are also very helpful tonic for the weight loss. So, Fresh Meal Plan offers the High Protein foods that provide you enough energy and saves you from any weakness. One study involving 1,209 obese/overweight people evaluated the effect of foods high in protein on weight loss. It concluded that the high protein diet helped to lose the weight more faster than the low protein diet.

The Variety of Delicious Healthy Food: Fresh Meal Plan offers the five distinct high proteins and low fats meal plans. All these have different tastes and nutritional goals in mind to lose weight fast. The best thing is that the Fresh Meal Plan also provides the concrete calculation of the nutrients for example:

  • Calories in each serving
  • Proteins in each serving
  • Net Carbs in each serving
  • Fats in each serving
Traditional Meals Plan

Foods rich in protein - Freshmealplan Traditional PlanTheir flagship meal plan, well balanced with the lean proteins, the complex carbs, and the vegetables. It also provides the gourmet style food that contain healthy levels of the proteins and the carbs. So, it has the vegetables without the artificial additives, the preservatives or the sugar. If you want some force for these meals, you can opt for the Traditional plan which offers the high proteins. 17 Healthy Food Items are Available to choose from.

Click Here to Order Now

Paleo Meals Plan

High Protein foods - Fresh Meal Plan Paleo PlanThis plan has the lean proteins, the vegetables, the nuts and the seeds for the essential fatty acids. This plan is also low in the complex carbs, the sodium, the cholesterol, and the saturated fat. Each meal is between 300-400 calories and is also low in the sodium and the cholesterol.​​​​​​​ It provides the high proteins for your energized body. 17 Healthy Food Items are Available to choose from.

Click Here to Order Now

Vegan Meals Plan

Foods high in protein - Fresh Meal Plan Vegan friendly planThis weight loss meal plan is for those who don’t eat meat or fish, but want the healthy and the balanced food. This healthy meal plan, consisting of vegetables only, provide the enough energy to your body. As a result, you feel full for longer time and it prevents from cravings. The meat-free options provide plenty of plant-based protein in meals that range from 290-350 calories each. 15 Healthy Food Items Available to choose from.

Click Here to Order Now

Lean & Mean Meals Plan

Foods high in protein - Freshmealplan Lean and Mean PlanIf you like workouts to lose weight fast or bodybuilding to develop muscles then this plan is especially for you. This plan includes large portions of protein, limited complex carbs, and few fats. One research also proved that a balanced diet having low carbs, low calories and high protein diet supports lean mass development. So, It also boosts your weight loss results.​​​​​​​ 15 Healthy Food Item are Available to choose from.

Click Here to Order Now

Keto Meals Plan

High Protein Foods - Fresh Meal Plan Keto PlanKeto plan has healthy fat, the high proteins, and the low carbs. So, it forces the body to utilize fats as energy instead of carbs to lose your weight fast. This low carbs, gluten-free meal helps to put your body into ketosis. So, it burns the body fats instead of the glucose after each meal. It also restricts your carbs intake and gives you 500-600 calories of healthy fats, fiber, and proteins. 15 Healthy Food Items are Available to choose from.

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A La Carte Meal Plan

Foods High in Protein - Freshmealplan A La Carte Meal PlanThis weight loss meal plan offers very low calories and carbs. So, the moderate levels of protein in this meal plan are very healthy way of sustained weight loss. The low fats intake is also a good way to control your weight gain. A variety of snacks and desserts is also available to complete your meal selection. 30 Healthy Food Items are Available to choose from.

Click Here to Order Now

Does Fresh Meal Plan Really Work to lose weight fast?

We have seen that Fresh Meal Plan offers very balanced weight loss meals with low fats and high proteins.  The Customers’ Reviews are the best way to have insight about the real effectiveness of any product. Fresh Meal Plan has a rating of 4 on google reviews based on 195 reviews. So, it shows a good reputation of this brand. On Facebook page, Fresh Meal Plan has also a rating of 4.2. On Facebook 273 people also recommended it. So, it shows the the good brand image and the satisfaction level of the customers. Fresh Meal Plan has also a very profound presence on the Social Media. It has more than 87,500 followers on Instagram. This huge number of followers show the trust and appreciation from the customers.

Click Below to Start Your Weight Loss with Healthy Meals because Every Meal Matters!


$12.00 / meal       $72.00 / week


$10.90/meal        $109.00/week


$10.00/meal        $140.00/week

Doctors Best Weight Loss

Doctors Best Weight Loss started an online store in 2008 for weight loss food products. So, they have three flagships brands NutriWise, Protiwise and Doctors Best Weight Loss. They ensure the top quality of these brands and medical grade food supplements for weight loss. Read More

Doctors Best Weight Loss has a rating of 9.03/10 on from 391 Reviews of Verified Users.

It also has an impressive and effective presence over Social Media i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc. Doctors Best Weight Loss has 4.1 rating on the Facebook. So, It also shows the trust and loyalty of the users.

Does these meal plans really work for weight loss?

The answer of this question depends on the reviews from the users of these products. 10.2K Certified Reviews are available on the website. Read All Reviews

Best High Protein Foods to lose weight fast Offers: Doctors Best Weight Loss offers four Weight Loss Meal Plans with Medical Grade Food products. So, Many types of high protein and low fats foods are available to lose weight fast. The focus and reliance is on the benefits of high protein foods with limited calories intake. New England Journal of Medicine published a study regarding the role of protein rich foods in losing the weight fast. The study proved that the high protein diet supported to lose the weight fast than the low protein food.

(6/8) Doctors Best Weight Loss 2020 Meal Plan

This plan offers the high protein and low fats meals for your weight loss goal. This high protein meals plan offers three types of programs.

  • Introduction plan offers meals that replace 25% of your daily meals.
  • Core Plan offers meals that replace 50% of your daily meals.
  • Complete plan offers 100% healthy meals to replace your 100% daily meals for fast & maximum weight loss results.

Intro Plan



  • FREE Shipping
  • Access to Mobile App
  • Free Diet Guide ($30 Value)
INTRO- High Protein Meal Plan (2-Week)


INTRO- High Protein Meal Plan (4-Week)


Complete Plan



  • FREE Shipping
  • Access to Mobile App
  • Free Diet Guide ($30 Value)
COMPLETE – High Protein Meal Plan (2-Week)


COMPLETE – High Protein Meal Plan (4-Week)


Core Plan



  • FREE Shipping
  • Access to Mobile App
  • Free Diet Guide ($30 Value)
CORE – High Protein Meal Plan (2-Week)


CORE – High Protein Meal Plan (4-Week)


Does This high Proteins Meals Plan Really Work To Lose Weight Fast?

To check the effectiveness of this weight loss diet plan, we will also check the feedback and reviews from verified customers. Following are the feedback and weight loss success stories of some verified customers.

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this diet kit – but I am so glad I gave it a try. It was easy to follow and I never got hungry. I was able to maintain the plan for the whole month and ended up losing 13 pounds! Thank you!!!”

~Mark D.

“For the price, you can’t beat this plan. I have tried other meal plan programs in the past that are so expensive – but they are the same products! I have saved thousands since switching to Doctors Best.”

~Angela M.

“NutriWise is the best diet brand I have ever found. I can’t get over how good the food tastes! The meal plan system has been so easy to follow and I have lost more weight in a month than I had my entire time dieting before this!”

~Chris S.

“I look better and have more energy at 50 than I did at 30! Starting this NutriWise diet plan has done more than just help me lose weight – it’s really changed my life!”

~Sharon S.

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(7/8) Doctors Best Weight Loss Customizable Meal Plans

How to lose weight In this Weight Loss Meal Plan, you are free to choose the Medical Grade Meal Items from a list of items available.

Just for $6 per Meal.  Is it not affordable yet? What do you think?

The Doctors Best Weight Loss assure a reduction of 3lb within a week with this Customizable Weight Loss meal Plans. Order Now & Grab Your 10% Discount with code: CJ10 & Free Shipping for Order of More than $69.

2 Week Keto Meal Plan – PROTIWISE


4 Week Keto Meal Plan – PROTIWISE


2 Week Weight Loss Diet – BestMED


4 Week Weight Loss Diet – BestMED


Does This Customizable Protein Rich Meals Plan Really Work to Lose Weight?

The real performance of any product can not only be evaluated just from the claims of the Supplier. So, we need to check the real life proofs of the effectiveness of this Customizable plan. You can also check the following real life success stories and the transformations.

“This is the best diet ever! I wanted to lose about 20 pounds and regular dieting just wasn’t working. I decided to do the 4 week high protein plan and it was amazing. All of the food was delicious, and I was never hungry! I couldn’t believe it because I was only eating about 1,000 calories a day. I ended up losing about 13 pounds the first month – and I’m going to keep going!”

– Sarah Hamlet

“I will admit I was skeptical before trying a meal plan. I was surprised at how tasty all the meals were, especially the soups and protein bars. It didn’t really feel like a diet because I got to eat frequently throughout the day. By week 2 the pounds were coming off fast and I was stunned. I am going to continue on this diet!”

– Derek Garcia

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(8/8) Doctors Best Weight Loss High Protein Meals 30-Days Program (IP Alternative)

This Plan offers more than 50 Medical Grade and Nutritionally approved High Protein meals to choose from to lose weight fast. It costs just $150 for 30 days. So, it means just $5 per day. It is the ideal plan. Hurry Up – Click Here to Order Now Your 30-Days Weight Loss Meal Program. Grab Your 10% Discount also with Free Shipping for Orders more than $69.

Doctors Best Weight Loss 30 Days Program (IP Alternative) = $150.00

Does This 30-Days Protein Rich Meals Program Really Work To Lose Weight Fast?

The answer of this question depends on the feedback from the users of this 30-days program. This program has many weight loss success stories. Following are some of the success stories.

Lost 14 pounds!!

“Wow. I can’t believe how great all the products are! I have used similar products from clinics and these are not only comparable, they taste better and are way cheaper! The Nutritionist service that comes with the program kept me motivated and encouraged the whole time. Best 30 day diet ever.”

Jasmine Delaney

Lost 15 pounds!!

“I had given up on losing weight after yoyo dieting for over 2 years. I wanted to lose 25 pounds but couldn’t even lose 5. Meanwhile, I found Doctors Weight Loss and started with their 2 week meal plan. After the first week, I had already lost 4 pounds! A month later and I have now lost 15 pounds. Using these products is easy and makes me feel great knowing they are working. If you want to lose weight you have come to the right place.”

William Long

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You have learned about 8 best High Protein Foods that can help you to lose weight fast. You also read the customers’ reviews, comments and feedback that must help your understanding about the benefits of these high protein foods. It is better to add appetite suppressants in your daily intake to enhance the weight loss results.

Obesity is rising all over the globe. Obesity has direct relation with diabetes that is also on rising side, especially in the USA. It is better to measure your Body Mass Index and Body Fats with any reliable digital scale. Many researches have proved that measuring your bmi and weight regularly helps to lose weight fast.

In this deadly season of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is highly recommended to boost your immune system to fight with viral infections. Be proactive to save yourself and your loved ones from viral infections with boosting your innate immune system.