Weight gain is a very common problem in this era of Covid-19.

Due to lockdowns and ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ moto, people are compelled to stay inside and physical activities have been reduced.

In this scenario, many people are gaining weight due to slow metabolism and less fat burning mechanisms.

This is the reason, fat burner supplements are being widely used to burn extra body fats. That also helps to lose your weight.

If you are on a vegan diet due to any reason, you must be searching for a vegan fat burner. Here, you will find the best vegetarian fat burner review. PrimeShred review will provide you details about 100% natural and powerful ingredients of this strongest fat burner.

Let’s dig into the review. 

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are the supplements that have such ingredients which help your body burn fats fast. The ingredients in fat burners boost your metabolism and improve digestion to burn more fats. Fat burner creates thermogenesis in your body that promotes the fat burning process.

What are Vegan Fat Burners?

Vegan fat burners are those which neither have any ingredient that is obtained from animal-derived product nor the capsule is made from any animal-derived product. Vegan fat burner is the one that only has plant-based ingredients and capsules. Nothing is included in it in any form that is derived from anything other than plants.

Non-vegan fat burners mostly have the capsules made from gelatin. That is made by using collagen, a protein obtained from connective tissues, as well as certain organs of animals.

Vegan fat burner

What is the Best Vegan Fat Burner?

PrimeShred is the best vegan fat burner. It has no ingredient that is made from any animal-derived substance. It has 100% vegan ingredients that are safe for your health. 

Let’s have a look over the list of ingredients of PrimeShred the best gelatin-free fat burner:

  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg
  • L-Tyrosinemg
  • L-Theanine
  • DMAE
  • Green Coffee
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root
  • Bioperine
  • Natural Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Vegetable Capsule

The above list of ingredients proves that PrimeShred is the best gluten-free fat burner. Its capsules are made from plant-based substance; hypromellose. PrimeShred does not contain gelatin or any other animal-derived substance. For this reason, PrimeShred is the best vegan fat burner supplement.

How do Vegan Fat Burners work?

Like other fat burners, a vegan fat burner works in the same way to burn your extra body fats. It burns fat through improving your metabolism, increasing thermogenesis and creating energy in your body. Vegan fat burner just supports your body to burn fats naturally. It boosts your metabolism so that the calories, taken in through your daily meals, are fully burnt.

Following is a short list to explain how PrimeShred works to burn your fats:

1. Increases Metabolism

Vegan fat burner increases metabolism in your body. Metabolism is a natural process in your body to convert the food into energy. That energy is consumed by your muscles for active functioning of your whole body. By this metabolism system, calories and carbohydrates from your food are burnt and converted into energy.

When your body’s natural metabolic rate is slower than the normal required rate then some calories remain unburnt and accumulate as layers of fat. This fat accumulation increases your weight and in the long run, creates a number of health problems.

Vegan fat burner; PrimeShred, helps to increase your metabolism to convert the calories and fats into energy. Through this way, PrimeShred burns your body fats and helps you lose your weight.

2. Enhances Energy and Well-Being

PrimeShred, the best vegan fat burner pills, helps you with your overall fitness and well-being. It promotes energy in your body by burning calories and stubborn fats. That energy works as a fuel for your body and your fitness. This energy also increases your focus and alertness.

3. Controls Appetite

The magnificent and the natural ingredients in PrimeShred help you to control any binge eating habits. The 100% natural ingredients of this best vegan fat burner curb cravings and control your appetite. Working as a harmless vegan appetite suppressant, this vegetarian fat burner helps you to control your intakes. That limits your calorie-intake and existing fats are burnt more easily. 

4. Thermogenesis Activation

Natural powerful ingredients in this natural fat burner activate thermogenesis in your body. Thermogenesis is the process of creating heat from burning calories and fats in your body. This heat creation process further promotes fat burning mechanisms.

Quick Overview of PrimeShred Vegan Fat Burner

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  • Premium Ingredients
  • Proven-to-work Ingredients
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Why Use Vegan Fat Burners?

A vegan fat burner has the right ingredients that provide you with an advantage, it is only a supplement to enhance your healthy lifestyle. Anyway, what you will find is that different fat burners use different ingredients, but in general, they all want to provide enhancers for different weight loss mechanisms.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Metabolism is essentially our body’s way of converting food into usable energy. Not everyone has the same metabolism or metabolic rate, and that can be easily confirmed by measuring the difference in metabolic rate for males and females. Body size, gender, and genes are elements that define the speed of your metabolism.

You can attempt to accelerate your metabolic rate, but you won’t shred the fat off your body if you don’t commit to diet and exercise. Some ingredients in the vegan fat burners have been shown to increase metabolic rate, but looking at the whole picture, it’s hard to know how much of a difference those ingredients are actually making.

Thermogenesis Activation

Thermogenesis is a process that helps the body convert calories into heat. In other words, a process that can increase your body’s ability to burn calories. Vegetarian fat burners have ingredients such as cayenne pepper and forskolin which induce thermogenesis, so they help counteract the decrease in the metabolic rate that takes place in response to low-calorie diets and weight loss.


Lipolysis is the catabolic process of breaking down fats and other lipids, which is important for the mobilization of stored fat issues. When combined with exercise and a calorie-restricted diet, lipolysis may be a great contributor to weight loss and fat burning. As such, multiple fat burners have ingredients that aim to affect lipolysis.

Boosting Energy Levels

In order to optimally lose weight, you have to go on a calorie-restricted diet, and you have to exercise. But in order to exercise while eating less food, you must have some energy to spend. That’s why many fat burner brands incorporate ingredients that boost your energy levels, with most of them being stimulants like caffeine anhydrous, green coffee berry extract, green tea extract, and guarana.

Appetite Suppressant

An important part of losing weight is being able to avoid empty calories or foods that contain unusual amounts of sugars, fats or oils (i.e: bread, candies, sweet beverages). Generally, these are foods we carelessly become addicted to, and these are also the foods that contribute to us getting overweight. Therefore, some fat burners contain ingredients that suppress our appetite, so that the painful process of maintaining a clean, healthy diet — free from those unhealthy foods — is easier.

Dietary Fiber Also Plays a Role

A legitimate plant-based diet is typically rich in fiber. Yet it also happens that fat burners have a certain amount of dietary fiber in their constitution. Dietary fiber is great for many reasons such as:

  • Normalizing bowel movements and maintaining bowel health;
  • Lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar levels;
  • But, more importantly, it allows you to feel satisfied for a longer period of time, which leads you to eat fewer calories and thus losing weight. 

That is part of the reason why a whole-foods plant-based diet is recommended for weight loss.

How to Get the Best Results with Vegan Fat Burners?

While a fat burner can certainly give you an extra push towards your fat loss goals, you need to maintain a balanced diet and create a consistent caloric deficit.

That being said, here are some tips to consider on how to improve the results of your fat burner:

Increase protein intake

As a vegan, you are probably sick of hearing about protein but proteins are a natural thermogenic macronutrient. This means that the body consumes more energy to process protein than to process fats or carbohydrates. Furthermore, protein is essential to maintain and create lean muscle mass and is the only macronutrient that cannot be stored as fat and it. The more muscles you have, the more calories your body consumes, and the easier it is to create a caloric deficit.

Maintain a strength training routine

A lot of people think that cardiovascular exercise is needed for fat loss but actually strength training is much more benefitial to achieve your weight loss goals. Strength training helps build muscle which will contribute to improving your metabolism in the long term but it also burns calories during and after training, while it repairs and builds muscle.

Eat healthy fats

It may seem counterproductive, but healthy fats can help you fight body fat. Whole foods vegan sources of fat help regulate hormones that promote muscle growth and also give you a feeling of satiety. However, keep in mind that fats are more calorie-dense than carbohydrates or proteins so they should be consumed in moderation since a little goes a long way.

Exclude refined carbohydrates from your diet

Refined carbohydrates like white flours, white bread, pasta, and pastries not only lack any nutritional value but also a higher glycaemic index, which can cause blood sugar fluctuations and increased hunger. To maximize results, replace refined carbohydrates from your diet, like pasta, processed foods, white bread, and breakfast cereals. for whole-grain bread, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, or oats.

Get more sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal changes that cause increased appetite, which can make it harder to stick to your diet and stop you from reaching your goals. On the other hand, sleep that lasts at least 7 hours offers many benefits for the overall functioning of the body, the immune system, and last but not least, for body weight.

Vegan Fat Burning Ingredients

Nutritionists have recommended certain foods to help with boosting your natural metabolism and fat burning. All of the vegan fat burners mentioned here take advantage of some proven and natural health benefits from at least some of the sources below.

Caffeine: This is one of the most effective thermogenic ingredients. But before you decide to stand in line at Starbucks several times a day, just note that after a certain daily amount, you’ll actually become used to it, and the weight loss effect and its function in fat loss won’t be as efficient. From a metabolic standpoint, combining caffeine with exercise is like putting premium fuel in a European sports car. It simply runs better than it does with regular unleaded in the tank.

Green Tea Extract: Beyond helping to detoxify, green tea can work well with caffeine to help with fat burning that can result to a more effective weight loss.

Soluble Fiber: When you want to lose some extra pounds and avoid weight gain, then it’s all down to limiting your food intake. Small meals and snacks are better, as well as some fasting. What soluble fiber does is fill you up more with stuff that doesn’t increase your calories.

Yohimbine: It’s believed to have originated as an aphrodisiac, so be careful about what this might do to your love life. But beyond some additional bedroom activity, it’s also been shown to help directly with weight loss through effective fat burning.

Raspberry Ketones:  Staying focused on work and exercise tasks is vital to helping you maintain motivation. Raspberry ketones are a good way to increase brain energy to reduce distractions.

Coleus Forskohlii: While there isn’t any scientific consensus on its direct impact on fat, it is believed to improve testosterone levels, which may help you perform more intense workouts, and may aid in muscle recovery as well.

Capsaicinoids: Don’t worry; you won’t have to burn your mouth to burn some belly fat. This difficult to pronounce substance can be taken as an extract, and studies have shown that it will help to reduce body fat.

Synephrine: This one is difficult to source, and in many cases, it’s also going to cost you quite a lot. However, my dietician said I should mention it because there are a few weight loss and fat burning supplements out there that contain this natural fat burning ingredient that may help you in fat burning and losing weight.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): This is a modified version of Omega-6 and not something your body can produce, so you have to get it through your diet. It has been shown to work quite well for getting rid of stubborn fat stores resulting to quicker fat loss.

L-Tyrosine: This is one of the 20 standard amino acids and is believed to help with fat burning and fat oxidation, as well as appetite suppression. More and more companies are choosing to add this, and you’ll pretty much always find them in cutting stacks.

L-Carnitine: This wonder of nature has recently been proven to be directly linked to transporting fatty acids that were metabolized from fat to your muscle fibers. As a result, you reduce the risk of a bottleneck when trying to melt away some love handles.

PrimeShred Vegan Fat Burner Ingredients

PrimeShred 100% natural and proven-to-work ingredients. There are no illegal stimulant or banned steroids in it. Its powerful ingredients make it the strongest fat burner.

Following is the list of effective, vegan-friendly ingredients of PrimeShred:

  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg
  • L-Tyrosine – 300mg
  • L-Theanine – 250mg
  • DMAE – 150mg
  • Green Coffee – 100mg
  • Vitamin B3 – 15mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 1.3mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 24mcg
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root – 250mg
  • Bioperine – 5mg
  • Natural Caffeine Anhydrous – 225mg
  • Cayenne Pepper – 200mg

Vegan Fat Burner Benefits

Vegan fat burner is like other fat burners with an extra quality of being vegan-friendly for those who like to eat veggies only.

PrimeShred the best vegan fat burner supplement is the best to burn fats and lose your body weight. Its powerful ingredients also help you to get lean and build your muscles. It provides you a shredded, ripped body.

Along with being a vegan weight loss supplement, PrimeShred also contains such natural, 100% safe and legal stimulants that increase your focus, alertness and mind performance.

If you have a daily exercise or workout routine, you may get more effective results with PrimeShred fat burner pills than those who don’t. The reason is the natural performance booster ingredients in this best fat burner. Those ingredients boosts energy and thermogenesis while exercise or workout. So, your fat burning process is further boosted for the maximum results in a short time.

Vegan Fat Burners Side Effects

As you know, “excess of everything is bad”. It also applies to vegan fat burner supplements. The natural ingredients in such supplements have certain limits for health results. If any supplement crosses the healthy limit then there may be risk of adverse health consequences.

PrimeShred vegan fat burner pills have a very accurate and precise quantity of each ingredient to get the maximum and the most effective results. Each ingredient is available within the healthy limits.

Therefore, PrimeShred has no side-effects reported till  the date.

How Do You Use PrimeShred Vegan Fat Burning Pills?

According to the prescription, you can take three pills of PrimeShred 20 minutes before your breakfast. These three pills will be enough to magically boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. No other supplement is needed for your fat burning goal. 

Non-Vegan Ingredients To Look Out For

PrimeShred ingredients and everything in it is 100% vegan-friendly. Nothing is included in PrimeShred that is against your vegan-love. 

Following is the list of substances that must be considered to check whether fat burner is vegan-friendly or not:

  • Gelatin
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Progesterone
  • Glucosamine
  • Linoleic Acid

These are the animal-derived products that may be used in fat burning supplements.

It’s Time To Take Action!

In this PrimeShred review, you have seen that it is the best vegan fat burner fully aligned with your vegan diet. If you want to burn your body fat and lose weight to have a slim and smart figure, PrimeShred is your best-to-go fat burner.

Vegan Fat Burner FAQ

Should vegans take fat burners?
If you feel you need to burn fats, lose your body weight and want a slim figure, you should take fat burners that are vegan-friendly. PrimeShred is the best vegan fat burner so it is aligned with your vegan-diet. So, you should take it with your vegan diet.
Which is the best Vegan Fat Burner?
PrimeShred is the best vegan fat burner as it has 100% vegan-friendly ingredients. It does not contain anything that could make it a non-vegan fat burner.


Who can Benefit From a Fat Burner Supplement?
Anyone can take benefit from a fat burner with a little effort. That little effort means a daily exercise or any workout routine. Exercise and workout routine improves the results of fat burner supplements.


Can Anyone Benefit From a Fat Burner?
Yes, of course! Anyone wishing to lose weight and burn fats can take benefit of fat burners.
How Should You Use A Fat Burner?
You should use PrimeShred, the best vegan fat burner, just once before breakfast. No more pills during the day. These pills before breakfast will provide you enough support to burn fats  the whole day.


Can I Use Fat Burners With Other Supplements?
Yes, you can use a vegan fat burner with another supplement provided that the ingredients in other supplements are different than those in your vegan fat burner. Most ingredients have a defined healthy limit for daily usage.

So, you need to assure that the ingredients included in your vegan fat burner are not included in the other supplements you want to use. It will help to prevent any risk of negative health consequences.



Do fat burners really work?
Yes, it depends on the power of ingredients. If the ingredients of a fat burner are scientifically-proven and clinically-tested for the desired results then no-doubt, that fat burner can work for you.

PrimeShred the best vegan weight loss supplement has only natural, 100% safe and proven-to-work ingredients that are best for the claimed results.

Is PrimeShred Gluten-free?
Yes, PrimeShred is the best gluten-free fat burner that does not contain gluten or any animal-derived ingredient.
Is PrimeShred gelatin-free?
Yes, PrimeShred is the best gelatin-free fat burner that does not contain any ingredient that is against your vegan-love.
Do the vegan fat burners have any side effects?
There are no side effects of this best vegan fat burning supplement; PrimeShred. All the ingredients are natural and safe for health within their healthy limits.

Each ingredient is included in PrimeShred within the healthy limits to prevent the risks of any side-effect. Till the date there is no known side effect of PrimeShred.


Does PrimeShred vegan fat burning pills offer money-back guarantee?
Yes, PrimeShred offers you a complete 100-day money-back guarantee. Get your results or get your cash-back. You can receive your refund for any unopened bottle of PrimeShred.
Does PrimeShred vegan fat burning pills offer free shipping?
Yes, PrimeShred offers free shipping worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, PrimeShred will reach you.
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