Lexi Martone is an inspiring figure for many women.

She has been open about her weight loss journey, which began with a strict diet and exercise regimen.

In 2015, Lexi Martone underwent gastric sleeve surgery and has since lost around 130 pounds.

Her story was even featured in the first season of TLC’s Unpolished series.

In this blog post, we will explore Lexi Martone weight loss journey and how she achieved her incredible transformation.

We will also look at some of the tips and tricks that she used to help her stay on track with her diet and exercise plan.

Finally, we will discuss how Lexi has managed to maintain her new body image despite the pressures of fame and celebrity life.

Who is Lexi Martone?

Lexi Martone is an American professional nail artist.

She has an adorable and unique nail art style, making everyone wonder if she has something supernatural in her way of doing art on those mini nails.

She also makes mermaids on nails with her tail moving, and that’s the most interesting part of her career.

Lexi is the salon’s owner, located on the Island.

She has a family business salon. They all are artists; some are makeup artists or hairstylists.

Lexi learns all the art from high universities; she is a talented and well-experienced lady.

Lexi Martone works in the salon her family owns. Mother, as their supervisor, guides Lexi and her sister on how to do great work as an artist.

She won many awards for being a great nail artist.

She is a renowned nail designer on Twitter, YouTube and most popular on Instagram.

She has a unique style of wearing clothes and color combinations and is far from the ordinary world.

She always has her unique aesthetic style, reflecting her profession more dominantly.

Unpolished Lexi Martone before Weight Loss surgery

Lexi Martone Background and Education

Lexi Martone has a very interesting and unique family background.

Lexi was born on 14 December 1992 in New York City. From childhood, she has been interested in the fashion industry but not specific to which niche she goes with.

Her Father’s name is ” Big Mike ” and her mother’s” is Jennifer Martone.” Lexi’s Father died of disease Covid; her mother is a salon owner, and her grandmother, also called foxy grandma, has an aesthetic way of handling their self-confidence.

Lexi Marton has an Italian family, and they are Christians.

She graduated from high school in Hills west.

She started her career in the fashion industry after spending some time.

She knows she is interested in nail art, so she has three years of training in nail art and design. From the fashion industry of technology, she teaches her basics of fashion and style.

Unpolished Lexi Martone before Weight Loss

Lexis Martone Weight Loss

Lexis Martone was always a chubby girl.

She knew she had a body type with extra fat.

Lexi has a height of 5’5, and his weight is 58kg.

She has fat and curves on her body.

Lexi follows all diet routines, but she feels less confident in going out because she feels uncomfortable with the double standard of society’s criticism.

Notwithstanding the negative views of her fans, she feels like going through plastic surgery.

Before making such a big decision, she made sure to have a healthy diet and go to the gym.

She started to make strong decisions to control her eating habits.

She avoids all the food that makes her more obese and her body in bad shape. Such foods are not good to consume and are not part of a healthy lifestyle.

She cut off all high-calorie food items, processed and bakery food.

All the healthy food that includes dry nuts, fruits, fresh juices and vegetables, which are non-starch, is included in her dietary food chart.

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PhenQ Before and After

Lexi Martone Weight Loss Surgery

Lexi Martone is a reality TV star, who has recently gained attention for her weight loss journey.

In the first season of TLC’s show ‘Unpolished’, Lexi underwent reconstructive surgery to help her achieve her weight loss goals.

Lexi had always been self-conscious about her body and decided to take action by following a strict diet and exercise routine.

She was able to lose 120 pounds before getting reconstructive surgery for weight loss.

After the surgery, Lexi felt more confident in her body and began to embrace her style without worrying about what others might think.

The reconstructive surgery was just one part of Lexi’s journey to becoming healthier and feeling better about herself.

She also changed her lifestyle habits, such as eating healthier foods and exercising regularly. This helped her maintain a healthy weight and feel good about herself overall.

Lexi’s story is an inspiration to many women who are struggling with their own weight loss journeys.

Her determination and commitment to making positive changes in her life have helped motivate others to do the same.

Overall, Lexi Martone’s weight loss journey is an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success.

With the right mindset and support system, anyone can achieve their goals no matter how difficult they may seem at first.

Lexi Martone after Weight Loss images

Lexi Martone Plastic Surgery

Lexi Martone’s family was worried about her, but fortunately, it was a successful surgery for her, and her body shape changed.

Now she feels fully confident and can easily focus on her career as a nail artist.

She started her career working on many projects and with the renowned brand Sephora. She loves to do nail art in her salon with her sister Bria Martone; they both enjoy each other company and love their work.

The Lexi Martone’s before and after pictures you can see from social media platforms are very much changed.

Her fans admired her for having such a great figure.

Her accounts were on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

She was more famous on Instagram than on any other. She has almost 15k followers, and on tweeter, it is above 41k followers, but on Instagram, she set fire to 250k followers and with all this, the YouTube videos have wide views.

She gains lots of fame and loves from her fans and viewers. She gives nail art a new era.

Unpolished Lexi Martone after Weight Loss surgery

Unpolished Lexi Martone Before and After weight loss

Lexi Martone is an inspiration to many women.

She has gone through a remarkable transformation in her life, losing over 120 pounds and undergoing reconstructive surgery for weight loss.

Lexi had been on diets for most of her life, but it was not until 2015 that she decided to have gastric sleeve surgery.

Since then, she has shed roughly 130 pounds and become much more confident in her own skin.

In addition to the surgery, Lexi also changed her diet and stopped buying processed foods like frozen dinners and fast food.

She started eating clean and used portion control boxes to help keep track of what she was consuming.

This combination of healthy eating habits and surgical intervention has helped Lexi achieve the body she always wanted.

Lexi’s story is one of determination and perseverance. It shows that with hard work and dedication, anything can be accomplished.

Her journey serves as an example to other women who may be struggling with their weight or self-confidence issues that there is hope for a better future.

Lexi Martone after Weight Loss surgery images

Lexi Martone Career and achievements

Lexi Martone is the best nail artist who puts all her effort and aesthetic style into one place.

Her dramatic and incredible way of doing nail art attracts many celebrities to be her clients. These include the most renowned celebrities like Sophia Bush, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Blake lively and many more.

It’s not easy for an artist to make such contacts and fame. It’s a hard journey for Lexi, who won the hearts of many at a young age.

She also frequently appeared in magazine coverage, including Buzzfeed, Ink magazine and other renowned ones.

She is not only loved by common people but also by many celebrities. She is generating a wealthy amount from her career.

Nail art is not a new thing, but the aesthetic way loved by today’s generation to look cool and unique.

She also specialized in nail 3d art designing, which boosted her worth.

Unpolished Lexi Martone with her ex-boyfriend

Lexi Martone Boyfriend and Marital Status

Lexi Martone is 32 years old and a dedicated nail artist.

She is now focusing on growing her business more and not on her marriage life.

She is private with all her details, but it’s impossible to hide from the media if you are a famous personality.

Lexis has a boyfriend ” Joseph Fraumeni,” but they soon separate as she feels Joseph is messing up her career.

She realizes that it is coming from my career that she made after too much struggle, and her family also needs her, so she just separated from him.

Her priority is to live with her passion.

Lexi Martone after Weight Loss

Lexi Martone Net Worth

Lexi Martone has an incredible net worth of about $ 1-$2 million.

From her fame and followers on social media, she generates a great amount from there and from having a salon, she gets a large amount of revenue from there.

Under her mother’s supervision, she and her sister work hard and are guided by her mother, which is relevant and is the root of a strong and reliable business.

Lexi is enjoying her life; she loves what she is looking for in her all the art, and being an artist, it is a blessing for her to be recognized globally.

Lexi Martone after Weight Loss surgery photos

FAQs about Unpolished Lexi Martone Weight Loss

What does Lexi Martone do for a living?

Lexi Martone is an American professional Nail artist and salon owner.

What is the net worth of Lexi Martone?

Lexi’s net worth is about $1-$2 million, which is a wealthy figure.

What is the age of Lexi Martone?

Lexi Martone is 31 years old and unmarried.

Is Lexi married to Joseph?

No, They both are separated; Lexi feels uncomfortable about her career not going in the flow with joseph.

How much weight did Lexi Martone lose?

Lexi Martone lost an impressive 60 pounds after dedicating her time and energy to a healthier lifestyle.

She made changes to her diet, increased her physical activity, and generally led a more balanced life. This allowed her to reach her goal weight in just under a year.

Did Lexi Martone get weight loss surgery?

No, Lexi Martone did not get any form of weight loss surgery. She relied on diet and exercise alone to help her reach her goal weight, without turning to any invasive procedures.

What happened to Lexi Martone?

Lexi Martone is an American reality television star best known for her appearance on the TLC series “Unpolished”.

She and her sister Bria took over their family’s beauty salon, Salone Martone, after their father Big Mike passed away in May 2020.

The Season 2 series premiere of Unpolished revealed that Lexi and her co-star Joe had broken up.

Fans were left wondering if they would get back together, but it looks like Lexi is now focusing on running the family business with her sister.

Lexi has also been open about her weight loss journey, which she began in 2019.

She has shared photos of herself before and after her transformation, inspiring many of her fans to make healthy lifestyle changes as well.

With the success of Unpolished Season 2, fans are eagerly awaiting news about a potential Season 3.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Lexi and the rest of the cast have expressed interest in continuing to share their stories with viewers.

Overall, Lexi Martone is doing great since appearing on Unpolished. She continues to run Salone Martone with her sister while inspiring others with her weight loss journey.

Are Lexi Martone and Joe Still Together?

Are Lexi Martone and Joe still together? This is a question that has been on the minds of many fans since the couple first appeared on TLC’s Unpolished.

Lexi and Joe initially met after Joe delivered a salad to the famed nail tech’s salon, and they quickly hit it off.

However, in July 2020, after more than three years of dating, Lexi and Joe parted ways.

While neither have spoken publicly about the breakup, Lexi did open up about it during an episode of Unpolished.

She admitted that she was struggling with her emotions and said that she felt like she had lost her best friend.

Since then, Lexi has been focusing on her career as a nail artist and hasn’t been linked to anyone else romantically.

Fans are still hoping for a reconciliation between the two, but for now it looks like they have gone their separate ways.

What is Lexi Martone Doing Now?

Lexi Martone is currently the star of TLC’s hit series Unpolished, which follows her life as a nail artist and entrepreneur.

She is also an Instagram influencer with over 326k followers, and a Facebook page dedicated to her work.

Lexi has been in the beauty industry for many years, having moved from fashion design to nail artistry.

She now runs Salon Martone, where she offers unique and creative nail designs to her clients.

In addition to her work in the salon, Lexi also appears on Celebrity Page and other TV shows.

Her passion for art and creativity shines through in all of her projects!

How Much Does Lexi Martone Charge for Nails?

If you’re looking for a nail artist with a unique style, Lexi Martone is the one for you.

Her intricate designs and creative flair have earned her a loyal following, but it doesn’t come cheap.

An appointment with Lexi will cost at least $100, but it’s worth every penny!

From spooky Halloween nails to mermaid tails that move, she can create any look you desire.

So if you’re ready to take your nails to the next level, book an appointment with Lexi Martone today!

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